Exploring the Planet with Qantas Round the World Flights

Shahzad Masood


The irresistible fascination of a global trip beckons to the adventurous traveller. Imagine travelling across continents, experiencing different cultures, and making lifelong memories. With its carefully designed round-the-world flying options, Qantas can turn this promise into a reality.

Qantas’ Global Travel Options

Qantas participates in the Oneworld alliance, a group of top airlines determined to offer a smooth and vast network. This opens up a whole new universe of options for anyone planning your itinerary.

Ticketing schemes:

  • Distance-Based Fares: The distance you fly determines your fare, allowing you to create a customised schedule. You can curate a trip that covers the exact miles to match your budget.
  • Continent-Based Fares: This option offers pre-defined routes that cover specific continents. Select from trips that take you across four, five, or six continents, allowing you to see the most famous locations. This framework is perfect for first-time global tourists looking for a well-rounded experience.

Things to Take Into Account

Having so many options at your disposal makes creating the itinerary of your dreams an enjoyable task. Here are some essential things to think about.


Round-the-world travels include anything from quick- few-day excursions to month-long expeditions. Take into account your time constraints as you create your itinerary.


Are you a nature lover searching for magnificent scenery or a history buff looking for famous landmarks? Understanding your travel preferences will help you select destinations.


Take into account the weather at your desired destinations. While it might not be the best idea to travel to Southeast Asia during the rainy season, Winter is the best time to visit India. The summer safaris are brilliant in Africa, and nothing beats Spring in Kyoto, Japan. Check the weather before booking your tickets.


Qantas has a selection of fare classes, ranging from first class to economy. If you are not big on comfort, the economy class can save you money to enjoy at your destination. However, if comfort is essential to your overall experience, consider first or business-class seats. Ultimately, it boils down to your budget.

Exploring Routes with Qantas

Let’s look at some possible itineraries to whet your appetite for adventure and highlight the variety of experiences available on Qantas round-the-world flights.

Off the Beaten Path

Set off on an unmatched experience and begin your journey through the stunning scenery of Argentina’s Patagonia. Trek into the ancient ruins of Peru’s Machu Picchu or explore the distinctive species of the Galapagos Islands. You can check out Australia’s Great Barrier Reef or tour Cambodia’s historic Angkor Wat temples.

The Foodie’s Fantasia

Bangkok, Thailand’s street food culture and well-known curries, will entice your taste buds. Savour pizza and pasta in Rome and visit Tuscany’s vineyards to experience Italy’s rich culinary legacy. Taste the succulent Lomo Saltado and fresh ceviche during your culinary tour of Peru after experiencing the spice explosion of Moroccan food in Marrakech. Finish your adventure in the energetic city of New York City, exploring its wide selection of international cuisine.

The Classic Explorer

Start your journey in Singapore, a bustling city known for its futuristic skyline and delicious food. Next, learn about India’s rich past by touring the Taj Mahal and Delhi’s busy marketplace. Finally, take in Paris’ European flair before going on a safari in South Africa to see the Big Five.

Benefits of Qantas International Travel

Qantas offers more than just flights. These are some extra advantages that improve your global travel experience.

Multi-City Interludes

Make stops in different cities to allow a more fulfilling experience at your travel destinations.

Baggage Allowance

Depending on your select fare class, take advantage of a substantial baggage allowance that lets you pack for multiple locations and long trips.

Points for frequent flyers

Fly and earn Qantas Points, redeemable for future travels and other benefits.

Qantas’ global flights are the impetus for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The world is waiting for your expedition. Book your trip with Qantas.

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