Get Direct Billing to Dental Insurance at Lakeview Dental

Shahzad Masood

Lakeview Dental

Many people fear dental treatments and even dentist visits due to the cost involved. They feel that the cost of just a dentist visit will be huge. So, they are not ready to take care of their oral hygiene. Fortunately, for those in Kelowna, this concern about dental treatment costs is eliminated by Lakeview Dental. This dentist’s office is happy to accept dental insurance.

You can expect direct billing from this dentist’s office with all major insurance companies. This does not mean that you cannot get direct billing if you have an insurance policy from a small company. The dentist’s office is ready to handle the claim process on your behalf. So, you can stay confident and stress-free of your dental insurance claims. Before you visit this dentist’s office, you can call the office to find out whether your insurance will cover the services offered by the dentist’s office.

What Information Will Lakeview Dental Need from Your End?

You might wonder whether the dentist’s office can handle the claim process for you. If so, what should I provide to the team to make the process easy? The team will need only a few details from your end to handle the claim process. The details required are:

  • Your insurance policy number
  • The name of your insurance provider
  • Your plan number

Once you provide these details, the team will keep them safe for your future visits. Also, the clinic recommends patients to come with their insurance card during their visits.

Even, if your insurance company is new to Lakeview Dental, the team feels happy to take care of the paperwork where they can get you the care that you deserve.

Know About the Post-Appointment Process

After the appointment, the team will take care of forwarding the bill to your insurance company. Also, you will get a statement that shows your contribution and what the insurance paid. In case of a balance, you will cover it. Nevertheless, the team will always be there to assist you with any details regarding your dental insurance claims.

In case, you are not sure about the insurance process, the dental team at this clinic is devoted to making sure that you get the utmost benefits.

What If You Do Not Have an Insurance Coverage?

When you do not have dental insurance coverage, you still need not have to worry about the expenses with Lakeview Dental. The clinic offers interest-free payment plans when you go for major cosmetic treatments. Also, you can pay using your credit cards. In addition to making sure that you get the best dental care without worrying about the cost, Lakeview Dental can be the best choice for many other reasons as well. Examples include a convenient location, a highly-rated team, and friendly staff. So, you can get the best benefits of better oral hygiene and health without feeling too much concerned about the costs with Lakeview Dental.

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