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Ghost Machine

The recent strikes in Hollywood are evidence of creatives’ disillusionment with the current business model. As a logical evolution in an entertainment landscape that is always changing, creators demand additional empowerment. The innovative business model of Ghost Machine, which shares full ownership of the characters and company, is at the forefront of this evolution. This article explores the evolving landscape of the comics industry and the contribution of the novel idea by Ghost Machine to this evolution. Let’s jump right in.

Redefining Collaborative Creation

With the launch of new shared universes, characters, and genres entirely owned by all contributing authors, Ghost Machine hopes to transcend the superhero genre. They envision this as how creatives will operate in the future, maintain creative autonomy, and contribute significantly to success in ways that have never been seen before. The emotional resonance of strong characters and the beauty of graphic storytelling are their passions. But they are not just a comic book company; they are the first of its kind, fully owned and operated by creators motivated by a common love of making things happen.

Expanding Beyond Superheroes

As a media company that will assist in developing properties into media adaptations, Ghost Machine isn’t limited to publishing screen-friendly intellectual properties, according to Russ Burlingame of ComicBook. Burlingame also pointed out that several of the company’s founding creators had prior experience producing work for film and television. However, it remained unclear if each creator would own their property, as had been the norm at Image Comics since its formation, or if all the founders would have an equal share in all the properties. Geoff Johns would subsequently disclose at The Oblivion Bar interview that every one of the company’s creators, including one they didn’t develop, will hold an equal share in all of their properties.

With Johns stating, “We want to create beyond superheroes,” the company’s founders emphasized that they would be crafting stories set in genres other than the superhero genre, in which several of them had already worked. Hitch echoed this, saying of the tales, “Yes, heroes. No, caps. Geiger: Ground Zero, a two-issue series by Johns and Frank that was published in November 2023, acting as a prelude to their 2021 miniseries of the same name, was supposed to be the company’s debut title.

The release of Ghost Machine 1 would come in January 2024 after this. It will be a 64-page special, the company’s first “official” release, and in April of the same year, a book series that will consist of “four shared universes of character-centered titles.” This extension demonstrates Ghost Machine’s dedication to broadening the scope of storytelling by including genres that go beyond the traditional confines of comic book stories.

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