How Do You Buy Followers on Twitter & Grow Your Account?

Shahzad Masood


Are you constantly hustling to build your brand on Twitter, but your follower count isn’t growing up? Getting attention to your content feels impossible with a small audience. But don’t stress – buying Twitter followers is a shortcut to social proof and visibility.

Interested in Twitter followers but still confused? This guide covers everything you need to know about purchasing real, active followers to jumpstart your Twitter growth. We’ll explore the pros and cons, pricing, and top sites to buy from safely.

Let’s grow!

Why Buy Twitter Followers?

At first glance, buying Twitter followers might seem like cheating. But in today’s social media landscape, it’s a smart growth hack embraced by influencers, businesses, and personal brands alike. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Social Proof: A large follower base signals authority and makes your account more attractive to follow organically.
  • Increased Visibility: More followers means more potential eyes on your tweets through their feeds. This boosts engagement and discoverability.
  • Faster Growth: Establishing a solid follower foundation early accelerates your ability to gain more authentic followers faster.
  • Boost Credibility: Buyers like following accounts already popular and trusted by others. A bigger audience builds trust.

Where to Buy Real Twitter Followers Safely?

Not all follower sellers are created equal. Many use bots, fake accounts, or practices that violate Twitter’s terms of service. This puts your account at risk of suspension or PR backlash.

When buying followers, stick to accredited sites that verify followers are real people who won’t unfollow. Our top recommended providers are:

  • Socialplug – A trusted provider with 24/7 support, instant delivery within 5 minutes, and high-quality USA-based followers verified by over 100k customers. Packages start from $0.036 per follower to help build brand awareness and social proof quickly.
  • Twesocial – Long-established company offering high-quality, active Twitter followers at affordable pricing starting at $2.97 per 100. They have strict human verification processes and guarantees.
  • Usefollowers – Both gradual and instant delivery options for organic audience growth. Packages from $4.99 for high-engagement followers dedicated to your niche. 
  • Famups – This seller has an AI-powered follower targeting system to attract ideal customers matched to your persona. Prices begin at $12 for 1,000 followers.

Ideal Follower Pricing and Packages

The cost of buying Twitter followers can range from $2 to $60+ per thousand depending on quality. Here are some standard pricing tiers:

  • Basic – $2-$10 per 1,000 followers
  • Premium – $10-$30 per 1,000 quality, targeted followers
  • Influencer – $30-$60+ per 1,000 highly engaged, niche-specific followers

Most providers offer package deals to buy in bulk and save money. Common package sizes are:

  • 1,000 followers ($2-$60 depending on quality tier)
  • 2,500 followers ($5-$100)
  • 5,000 followers ($10-$200)
  • 10,000 followers ($20-$400)

To maximize ROI, assess your budget and goals. Start with a smaller package and reinvest profits into larger, premium audience buys over time.

Setting Up a New Twitter Account for Buying Followers

If you’re just starting out on Twitter, it’s smart to set up a fresh account optimized for growth before buying followers. Here are some tips:

Create a Professional Profile

  • Use a clear, high-res profile pic and branded header image
  • Write a compelling, keyword-optimized bio and name
  • Add a branded link and location

Make Initial Tweets

  • Populate your feed with 10-15 pieces of valuable, on-brand content
  • Use relevant hashtags and @mentions to attract your niche
  • Pin your most engaging tweet to the top of your profile

Buying Followers for Maximum Impact

Once your new account is set up, you’re ready to purchase followers safely and strategically. Follow these steps:

1. Select a Reputable Provider: Use one of the recommended sites like Socialplug, Twesocial, Usefollowers or Famous those where you can put your trust on.

2. Opt for Quality Over Quantity: While cheaper packages are tempting, premium followers are worth it for real engagement. Start with at least 2,500-5,000 highly-targeted buys.

3. Choose Relevant Interests: Providers let you specify demographics and interests so followers align with your niche. This boosts organic reach.

4. Stagger Deliveries for Smaller Drops: Large spikes in new followers can get your account flagged. Space out drops over 1-2 weeks.

5. Proactively Unfollow Inactives: Always manually remove any followers who are clearly bots, eggs or inactive. Keep your audience clean.

6. Time Promoted Tweets/Ads with Delivery: Promote top tweets and run Twitter ads when your new engaged followers join for max visibility.

7. Keep Tweeting and Interacting: Don’t let the momentum drop once you have new followers. Stay active replying, retweeting and sharing quality content to turn fans into buyers.

Does Buying Twitter Followers Actually Work?

Here’s the big question – are purchased Twitter followers actually effective? In short: yes and no.

Buying followers alone is not a total growth solution. But combined with an optimized profile, great content and engagement strategy – it works extremely well. Followers buy jump-start momentum, social proof and exposure to rapidly scale an audience.

Just look at the success of Rihanna building her @FentyBeauty account. Her team bought millions of targeted Twitter followers early on. Doing so established the brand quickly as an authority and now @FentyBeauty has over 10 million organic followers engaging daily.

Used strategically, paid audiences work.

But don’t treat it as a one-time fix. Leverage the exposure purchased followers provide, stay active and iterate your growth tactics. Over time, the combination of paid and organic growth will compound into a massive, highly engaged Twitter presence.


There you have it – a complete guide to how you buy followers on twitter to skyrocket your brand’s growth and visibility. From understanding the benefits to selecting trustworthy providers and maximizing impact – this outlines the question how do you buy followers on Twitter successfully.

Remember, don’t rely solely on purchased audiences. They’re a powerful tool, but only when paired with high-quality content and community engagement. Support your paid follower buys by consistently sharing value, @mentioning and interacting with fans. This strategic approach grows your Twitter marketing exponentially.

We hope you got your answer on how do you buy followers on Twitter? If you have any questions let us know in the comments!


  • Is it worth buying followers on Twitter?

Answer: Yes if you are buying from a reputable service like SocialPlug but having a large number of fake, bought followers provides little real value and can actually hurt your account’s credibility and engagement rates.

  • Will my account get deleted if I buy followers?

Answer: Yes, there is a risk that your account could get suspended or deleted by Twitter if they detect that you have purchased fake followers, as this violates their rules.

  • Can you make money from having Twitter followers?

Answer: Having a large, authentic following can indirectly help you make money through sponsored content, product sales, or driving traffic to your business. However, having fake bought followers holds little monetary value.

  • Are followers private on Twitter?

Answer: No, followers on Twitter are public by default, unless you have a private/protected account where only approved followers can see your tweets.

  • How many tweets per day to grow?

Answer: There’s no universal ideal number, but most experts recommend posting 3-7 tweets per day as a good baseline for growth. However, quality and consistency matter more than sheer volume.

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