How to choose an authentic belly dancer costume 


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The history of Oriental dancing is rich and varied. Similar movements were in ancient Egypt. Therefore, this art has a thousand-year history of its development. At the same time, even in our time, they are not just not losing popularity but gaining it. Dancers need to have good skills for classes and appropriate attire. 

Today it is not difficult to find the difference between belly dance costumes and Halloween costumes or other clothes timed to different events. Various shops sell modern costumes for this kind of dance class. However, traditional belly dancing costumes may offer Aida Style shops. 

traditional fabrics for belly dance costumes

Newcomers in this field do not always realize the importance of buying such costumes. It is not just a tribute to certain traditions. Such clothes and accessories have the cultural significance of belly dancing costumes. They are created primarily for dancing and help to develop technique and better learn the movements. Therefore, authentic costumes should at least be considered for possible purchase. 

Reasons to buy traditional belly dance costumes 

Belly dancing is not just a physical activity. Rather it is a separate kind of art, which for years it is a pleasure to watch Professional dancers know that modern dances are somewhat different from the classical version. Therefore, to avoiding costume appropriation in belly dance they use traditional movements and garments. On the site Aida Style you can find a lot of such costumes. But why should one choose such garments?  

There are several reasons for this choice, among them: 

  • the opportunity to feel like an inhabitant of ancient times; 
  • to get new sensations from the dance; 
  • no need to add additional accessories; 
  • traditional costumes help you do the basic movements better; 
  • they are tighter and shy dancers feel more confident. 

This is not the entire list of advantages of such costumes. When choosing such options you need to pay attention to traditional fabrics for belly dance costumes. Among them are silk, chiffon, and velvet. They are also decorated with a small amount of coins, but with very beautiful patterns. It is a pleasure to dance in such costumes. But you need to know how to pick them up correctly.  

Tips for choosing authentic belly dance costumes 

traditional belly dancing costumes

Most belly dance costumes combine tradition and elegance. But classic versions of the garments have unusual designs, bright colors, and elaborate embellishments (both fabric patterns and additions). There are different types of belly dance costumes by region. But all of them consist of 3 important elements: 

  • Bedlam; 
  • hip belt; 
  • veil.  

Bedlam is the base of the costume, which has a top in the form of a top and a bottom in the format of a skirt (sometimes trousers). Many people have the question is it okay to wear a coin bra for belly dance? No one will forbid you to do it, but the classic top goes mostly without coins.  

The waist belt is decorated as much as possible. It is he is an indicator of all the movements of the dancer. Therefore, it can be different coins, drawings, and additional patches. Veil allows you to create a mysterious image and it can be used as an object in the dance.  

When choosing traditional costumes you should: 

  • choose them according to your physique; 
  • choose matching prints and colors; 
  • feel free to buy additional accessories to a classic costume. 

However, it is important to buy only those details that are suitable for this suit.  

Where to buy traditional authentic belly dance costumes 

Where to buy traditional authentic belly dance costumes

Paying respecting cultural origins in belly dance attire, dancers should try on the classic versions of these garments. In them, movements are less constrained, they are light and dance in such things comfortable. For dancers who participate in belly dance costumes for cultural performances, the presence of traditional clothes will be a huge advantage. 

You can buy both classic and modern models of belly dance costumes in the online shop Aida Style. Here is a very wide selection of various costumes, which differ in: 

  • construction; 
  • colors; 
  • decorative elements; 
  • fabrics; 
  • styles. 

Every dancer, both experienced and beginner, will be able to find here interesting variants. To order you just need to click a few times and the shop manager will call the customer back. After receiving a consultation, you can make an online payment and expect to receive the goods. Most parcels are delivered as quickly as possible. In some countries, you need to wait for delivery for 14 days. 

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