How to spruce up your bedroom this spring

Shahzad Masood

How to spruce up your bedroom this spring

With the sunshine starting to make more of an appearance you could use this as an opportunity to refresh your bedroom.

Bedrooms should be calm, peaceful spaces where you can unwind and relax at the end of a busy day. Here are some tips to help you create the ideal tranquil yet stylish space.


One of the easiest ways to help your bedroom feel brand new is to add a new coat of paint to the walls. Pink is a bit of a divisive colour as it could be viewed as too feminine. A blush pink could be the perfect bedroom choice, however, as it is a warm and nurturing colour. It will also work well with different accents such as greys, white and metallics.

If pink doesn’t feel right to you, you could consider a dark, rich green. Not only does this exude elegance and luxury, but it is also part of the ocean spectrum which feels calming and restoring. If you do opt for green then your furniture should be metallic or glass – this will help to reflect the light and prevent the room from feeling dingy.


Wardrobes, whilst an integral storage space, do take up a lot of room. Changing them or upgrading them can breathe new life into your sleep space.

If you are on a budget, then you can get creative with paint again. Pick a contrasting colour if you want them to pop, or paint them the same as the walls to help them blend in. If you like a bit of uniqueness, then why not wallpaper the inside surfaces for a brighter surprise that can be hidden when the doors are shut?

Wardrobes should work for you, so make sure they don’t have any wasted space. Look into bespoke wardrobes which can maximise every inch of your room without feeling crammed in.


Bedding is such a versatile part of a bedroom. You can change it whenever you like to fit your current mood or aesthetic.

If you feel your room is quite masculine and cold, you can counter that with plush bedding that has a bit more detail to it. If you like the masculine look, however, lean into that and go for one-colour bedding or sets with geometric patterns.

Similarly, minimal bedrooms can be livened up with a colourful, patterned set. You could go crazy and pick one with multiple colours or stick to one bright set. This will help to add a focal point in your room and invite you in to be cosy.


Bedframes are often overlooked when it comes to adding style to a bedroom. There are so many different designs so you will need to think about the features you really want.

Beds with storage underneath are very helpful for smaller rooms – or those with an extensive shoe collection! Being able to hide away items that would normally take up space helps the room to feel cleaner and more spacious.

If you like metal frames then one with a metal headboard gives you space to be creative. You can upholster it to add something different, or go more simple and add a string of fairy lights which are great for late-night reading.

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