Stand-Up for beginners: how to prepare a performance properly

Shahzad Masood


Mastering the stand-up genre is quite achievable even for a regular person with at least a minimal sense of humor. “Storytelling” is now considered one of the main techniques used in this genre of performances. To captivate the audience and gain their favor, being organized is not enough—you need to practice regularly. Only then can a successful performance be truly guaranteed.

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What should a beginner in this genre start with?

Capturing the attention of the audience will be very difficult if you don’t plan your performance in advance. It is very important to focus on details – jokes, their delivery, voice intonation, and other aspects. Start small:

  1. Idea collection. This needs to be done constantly. The best solution is to carry a notebook and jot down everything that comes to mind. Let these be ideas, jokes, quotes about unusual situations that can later be transformed into funny anecdotes. It might happen that 90% of them won’t be useful, but the remaining 10% will be gems.
  2. Write jokes from scratch. It’s very important not to engage in copy-pasting. This is a violation of copyright. Every joke should be written based on your own prepared material. For this, you need to know the general structure of a basic unit of humor. Comedians highlight two main components – the setup and the punchline. They also emphasize the importance of the uniqueness of the composed jokes.
  3. Create a monologue. If you don’t have contact with a large audience, you need to write jokes that don’t require responses from viewers or other external people. A coherent narrative of jokes, united by one or several themes, is an excellent solution to start your performance.
  4. Rehearsal. After writing the monologue, you need to check how good the entertaining text is. For this, it’s important to memorize it and then practice the pronunciation. It’s better to rehearse in front of close friends or acquaintances so they can give feedback and share their personal opinions. You can also practice in front of a mirror.
  5. Storytelling. If you learn to express your thoughts objectively, clearly, competently, and easily, over time, you will achieve a result where people start to hear and read you. You can use social platforms for your first performances. It is important that the stories evoke certain emotions in people (a smile, joy), make them think, and, of course, inspire them to take necessary actions. You can try posting your first videos on your social networks and see how the audience reacts to them.

The performance is the main task that should be carried out perfectly. This determines the comedian’s reputation and how the audience will perceive them in the future. To purchase tickets for concerts, visit, go to the specialized site, and choose the show you want to attend. It is important to consider the venue, date, and time when choosing a stand-up program.

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