The Design and Features of Top Dream Drop Jackpot Slot Games


Dream Drop Jackpot Slot Games

If you have been looking for a new type of casino game to play or have been considering how to enhance your slot experience, Dream Drop Jackpot games may be something that you might have come across.

These games have started to emerge as popular options with players worldwide, as they can provide plenty of excitement and enjoyment because of the features that they have. In addition, the design of these games have also helped to grip the attention of players, as they have featured visuals and storylines that provide a degree of immersion.

As a result, they continue to grow as a popular game type.

Dream Drop Jackpots: What are they?

Dream Drop Jackpots are the brainchild of Relax Gaming, as they have created a network in which has been added to the games that they provide. This is known as the Relax Apex. With each game, they have managed to come up with a system that will see the prize amount of each jackpot that is offered be increased each time two wins have been obtained across the network that has been implemented.

A total of five different jackpot levels have been created, all of which are progressive and will climb to a certain value before they are won:

  • Rapid
  • Midi
  • Maxi
  • Major
  • Mega

The Mega Jackpot can reach a maximum of 10 million in the local currency of where the player resides.

Dream Drop Jackpot Features & Design

As mentioned, the features that are offered within a Dream Drop Jackpot game are often what appeal to players, aside from the win potential. If you play casino games with real money on Unibet, you’ll notice that there are various titles on offer based on this game style. You can find top titles like “Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop”, “Cosmic Rush Dream Drop”, and “Galactic Racers Dream Drop” all available, each of which have proven to be among the best and most popular for players.

The features each of these games includes have helped to establish themselves among the best, as they feature many different aspects that keep the gameplay unpredictable and exciting.

Aside from the features, the designs used within the top titles help to add extra dimensions to the game. The visuals help to create a story and picture, which is vital to ensuring enjoyment. Slots can be mundane in terms of their gameplay, as they require little skill and rely on the press of one button. The imagery can help players immerse themselves, thus forgetting about their simplicity and their basics.

Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop

“Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop” is a game that has been designed with precision in terms of the quality of the graphics that are available. This helps players to become immersed in the theme of the game, which is based on the exploration of a temple as a husband and wife duo work together to try and uncover the treasures available.

This game is also filled with features, including:

  • Cluster pays and cascading reels
  • Free spins
  • Win multipliers
  • Wilds and combinations

Cosmic Rush Dream Drop

“Cosmic Rush Dream Drop” is another top pick for players looking at the Dream Drop Jackpot selection of games to enhance their slot play, with the designs and features once again playing a vital role.

The game is based on a cosmic design, as players can feel as though they are transported into space with the visuals used. It’s a little futuristic and the symbols designed feature aspects that would match those ideas. In terms of features, it has the following:

  • Cash and Collect Symbols
  • Rush Meter, which increases the win multiplier
  • Multiple types of free spins games
  • Bonus replay
  • Fortune Coins feature

Galactic Racers Dream Drop

If you want to explore more space and turn it into a racing-themed experience when enjoying a Dream Drop game, then “Galactic Racers Dream Drop” might be the way to go. This game takes place in an Alien-like setting, with visuals helping to paint the desired picture.

In terms of the bonus features that can be found, there are several that can help make the pace of the game be as blistering as race cars often are:

  • 1 to 5 Multiplier Frames
  • Free Spins game
  • Bonus Buy

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