The Evolution Philosophy of Architecture in Lahore

Shahzad Masood

Philosophy of Architecture in Lahore

When I first visited Lahore in the 90s. It had wide roads, significantly less traffic, and the urban centres with exquisite architecture could be seen. The blend of Mughal era arts and modern British design was evident in homes built in areas like Muslim Town, Allama Iqbal Town and the “Androon Lahore.

Like everything, Lahore has also evolved, and so has its architecture. With the advent of social media, the information flow is enormous, and designers and architects are blending ideas from far beyond to make new styles. We can see these new ideas in more modern societies such as Gulberg, DHA, Lake City and Bahria Town Lahore. This philosophy is heavily influenced by the new generation and is popular among those born during the 90s.

In this blog, we will explore the changing architectural landscape in Lahore and what styles are becoming popular. I have been an architect in DHA Lahore for the past 10 years, designing over 100 houses and building the same number. This story is about my experience in Lahore. My name is Haris Azmat, and I am an architect and CEO of H-A Design Studio.

Let’s Explore!

Mughal Era

With no exception, the Mughals had the most significant influence on the architectural legacy of Lahore. The iconic monuments such as the Shahi Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Shalimar Garden, and Old Androon Streets exemplify such a lavish influence. People also mimicked the same in the houses in the early British era and later used it combined with modern British architecture in Lahore. You can still observe these monuments and even some houses in Lahore.

British Era

Ask any architect in Lahore, and they would say the architecture in Lahore changed dramatically with the arrival of Brits, who came with their modern designs. All government buildings were designed on the same British pattern, and we can see any new building developed by the government on the same pattern even today. People started using the same in their houses, and the best example of its use in residential design is in Muslim Town and Gulberg, which are the lavish bastions in the middle of the city now.

Contemporary Trends

Contemporary architect in Lahore is more like an amalgamation of different cultures and designs. There is Spanish architecture, and then there is Italiana, with its sleek and simple minimalistic design. When you get to Bahria, a whole block is dedicated to Egyptian architecture. This shows how the evolution of architecture in Lahore  has come hand in hand with the spread of the internet.

There is another evolution in the architectural legacy of Lahore, which is the spread of apartment culture. Usually, people in Punjab don’t like to live in apartments because of their love for land. This has started to change as there are almost a dozen new projects focused on apartments, which is a welcome change given the land-related problems and the rising demand for new housing units in Punjab.


Lahore is not a traditional city. It has been around for centuries and has seen countless eras of foreign and local culture and architecture. This is one of the reasons you would observe the highest diversity of design, architecture, construction ethos and ideas here in Lahore than any other city in Punjab. This has been exacerbated by the use of technology and the role of Gen-Z in deciding their house design.

This is an opportunity for the designers and architects in Lahore to observe, understand and design buildings and houses that cater to the aspirations of the people and the new generation. That means finding new architectural solutions.

This is made possible by us at H-A Design Studio, the only best architect in Lahore. We specialise in modern construction and architectural solutions. Visit us at one of our three locations in Lahore: Garden Town, Lak City, or DHA Phase 8, and get a free first consultation.

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