The Instances Where a Long Island Construction Accident Attorney Becomes Essential

Shahzad Masood

Long Island Construction Accident Attorney

Construction work ranks second in work-related casualties. Statistics by OSHA show that construction incidents kill 1 out of 5 workers annually in the U.S. These accidents accounted for about 1,000 deaths in 2022.  

Automatically, construction accident injury cases are high in populated areas like Long Island. Many people continuously sue potential liable parties to gain monetary and non-monetary compensation. However, certain construction injury legal processes are complex and challenging. 

Instead of going against a construction company alone, you can get assistance from Long Island construction accident lawyers to make your compensation claim easier. Here are instances where you should hire a construction accident attorney. 

Importance of a Lawyer in Long Island Injury Claims

So, what do you gain by paying for legal advice or representation? 

  • Lawyers help safeguard your rights. 
  • You acquire professionalism and competence that can go against strong defenses.
  • You don’t have to attend all the trials. 
  • A lawyer can help you gain more compensation than when negotiating yourself. 

Instances You Need an Attorney for a Construction Accident Case

The following instances also depict the importance of hiring a lawyer in Long Island. 

When You’re Partially Responsible 

You can be partially responsible in various construction cases like falls and slips, thus a defendant proving your negligence. Such situations may result in low pay or none at all. 

Therefore, get a credible Long Island construction injury lawyer when identified as a negligent party. They can help prove your innocence and secure compensation regardless of the case’s outcome. 

If There are Multiple Liable Individuals/ Groups

Multiple liable parties can make a case more complex. Usually, potential fault groups may deny responsibility by blaming each other. Additionally, they may cause complications when instructed to cost-share the compensation. 

An attorney is perfect in such contexts. They ensure you get paid regardless of the group’s disagreements. They can easily decode who’s mostly liable or isolate the specific at-fault group/individual.

When a Case Requires Ample Investigations

Construction accidents usually require keen investigations, including retrieving a company’s historical data. However, you may not have the jurisdiction to acquire certain information from the police or public records. Lacking the information can drag your case, thus causing damages to pile up.

However, Long Island attorneys can attain crucial information regarding negligent parties. They’re qualified to perform thorough investigations in various stages of the case and can adapt to an unpredictable trial process. 

In Case of Denied Compensation

The obvious liable party can fail to compensate as promised or instructed by a court of law. This can go unpunished when dealing with notable individuals or groups. However, such actions are a crime, which you can benefit from if you have a lawyer. 

You should ensure that the attorney can overcome threats or bribery from powerful individuals. The at-fault parties might offer them more than you are offering.

After Sustaining Injuries in Uncertain Circumstances

You’re liable for compensation even when you suffer from self-inflicted injuries. Your employer has the obligation to protect you at all times. This is done by providing the necessary protective gear and creating a safe working environment.

If you are uncertain if your injury deserves compensation, contact a Long Island advocate for more information and instructions on how to proceed with the case. Additionally, the lawyer can help you investigate other accident loopholes that may affect you in the future. 

Construction workers at sunset.

If You Lose a Job Due to the Injuries

You might lose your job due to long-term injuries like bone fractures or paralysis. A good lawyer can secure your position until you recover or seek compensation if you are unable to return to work. 


Remember that these lawyers work on contingency fee arrangement. Therefore, a lawyer’s pricing should not discourage you from getting legal representation. A construction attorney is handy in the above situations, guaranteeing you attain needed compensation. Most importantly, they ensure that you secure your job or lost salary.

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