Top 10 strategies to build your brand with Instagram

Zafar Jutt


Social media has captured the global web. Everything that people do, they try to share it with others on social media. There are several social media platforms. Instagram being a highly user-friendly and popular social media platform continues to top the charts on the basis of recent statistical reports. Here are the 10 strategies to build your brand with Instagram:

1. Have a proper Instagram strategy

When we talk about building a brand on any of the top social media platforms, the first and the foremost thing that comes to our mind is having a proper strategy. Without proper planning and strategy, you cannot grow and expand your brand further. It is the most important aspect of building a brand. Different Social media platforms have different working mechanisms. 

You need to cater your strategies according to the working mechanism of that social media platform. Social media platforms like Instagram which is mainly pictures and video oriented, you need to have a special strategy to attract the wider group of audience to your brand. Including a strategy like promoting your brand’s products and services with the help of creative pictures and short videos can really be great way to bring in more traffic to your brand’s social Instagram handle. 

To create a strategy for your brand, you need to first determine what your goals are mainly focused on. Planning out your journey as a brand from scratch to the top is very essential. Summing up, if you want to establish your brand on a social media platform like Instagram, you need to have a proper strategy.

2. Know your audience

One of the most fundamental aspects of growing a brand is to know your audience well. Finding out who are your target audience is the key to success as a brand. Try to question yourself, for whom your brand is all about. In this way you can easily find out who are your target audience. 

Narrowing down your target audience is crucial as it will help you o formulate your strategy and find out what should be your approach as a brand towards your goals. If you have a clear understanding of your target audience, you can customize your products and services to satisfy their demands. In this way, it will prove to be really very beneficial if you know your audience. 

There are many factors that will help you to determine your target audience on a social media platform like Instagram. Age, gender and location are the key aspects that will help you to find out your target audience group easily without facing any kind of hindrance at all. 

3. Follow the trends

Trends play a major role when it comes to growing your brand on a social media platform like Instagram. On a platform like Instagram, all it takes is an individual’s video or audio to go viral and the rest of the public join these trends and create similar content with their own level of creativity. Trends usually continue to enjoy the hype for around 3 weeks and after that a new trend enters the market. Joining trends is a great way to connect and communicate more with the people.  With the use of current trends, most Instagram live streaming so that they can easily connect with their fans. You can collaborate with many other users and promote your product or services using this method. Buying IG live viewership can help you make your stream look famous within a few minutes and attract more audience to your profile as well.

 As a brand, you can use this amazing opportunity to connect with your target audience and establish strong connections with them. It is really a creative way to boost up your engagement rate and bring in more traffic to your brand’s social media handle. Trends are highly engaging form of content type that will help you to grow and expand your brand across different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

While locking in a trend, you need to first find out that whether that trend suits your brand or not. Selecting the right trend will help you to increase your brand’s reach, so try to include trends as your brand’s marketing strategy.

4. Collaborations

Another important strategy that you should have is brand collaborations. Try to collaborate with Instagram influencers and other brands. This will help you to bring in more traffic to your brand’s Instagram page. Brand collaborations are really a very effective way to promote your brand to a wider group of audience very easily without any kind of hindrance at all.

5. Create a community

Try to create or foster a community on Instagram. On a social media platform like Instagram where there are millions of daily active users, fostering a community will help you to boost up your brand’s reach. A well connected and highly engaged community will boost up the overall reach and exposure of your brand.

6. Follow a posting calendar 

Try to always follow a posting calendar. Do not ever try to post your content randomly as it will hinder your growth as a brand. Create your own posting schedule and try to follow it to get the best results.

7. Post frequently

Try to post regularly as much as possible. Posting your content regularly will help you to gain more audience. Social media is all about consistency. The more consistent you are, the more desired results you will get.

8. Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads form a huge part of social media marketing on Instagram. If you are looking to promote and grow your brand then Instagram Ads are the perfect solution for you. As a brand you can run customized ads to promote and expand your brand’s social reach on Instagram.

9. Cross-platform promotion

A very effective strategy that should use is to cross-promote your brand’s Instagram content. Try to share your Instagram content across different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This will help you to expand your brand further in the global market.

10. Analytics

Instagram Analytics play a huge ole when it comes to growing a brand on Instagram. Try to always analyze your performance based on your branding efforts. This will help you to find the areas where you are lacking behind so that you can easily rectify and improvise those areas for better results.

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