Top Services For Builders to Sell More Homes


Top Services For Builders to Sell More Homes

Maximizing sales requires a holistic customer data collection, engagement, and monetization approach. Taking these steps will guarantee customer excellence and increase overall revenues.

Salespeople usually have a sales quota and key metrics to achieve weekly or monthly. Having an outside confidant or mentor can help them round out their professional development and keep them on track to meet those goals.

Website Design

When converting builders, you need to understand their needs and provide them with valuable information. When your website doesn’t offer them that, they will close the tab and move on to another company.

You can avoid this by creating a web page for your builder audience. Rinnai, for example, has an entire page dedicated to the tankless water heaters they sell to builders. This allows them to keep the messaging consistent and focused.

You also need to make sure your calls to action are visible. Studies have shown that a slow-loading website loses 2.6 billion in revenue annually. A great way to address this issue is by optimizing your site speed. You can do this by using Google’s Page Speed Insights.

Social Media

While social media is often regarded as the responsibility of marketing teams, it is also becoming increasingly important to sales professionals. Using social media to collect data, engage customers, and monetize post-sale interactions can boost sales by improving customer satisfaction and building brand trust.

Identify the social media platforms that resonate best with your ideal audience. This will help you meet your audience where they are, increasing your likelihood of making a sale.

Share your positive customer stories with home builder marketing, and include these in your sales materials. When buyers see a glowing online review or appreciative social media post about your product, they will feel more confident about purchasing from you. Clear goals above and beyond basic job expectations help motivate salespeople to shatter their quotas.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective way to promote your business, build brand awareness, generate leads, and close sales. It’s reported that email is one of the highest ROI marketing channels available, with an average return of $36 for every dollar spent.

Segmenting your email campaign by industry or annual revenue is a great way to drive engagement. By providing relevant content to your audience, you will have a higher response rate and potentially generate a sale.

Addressing concerns and overcoming objections is essential in closing the sale. You can convert prospects into buyers by demonstrating how your product or service will solve the customer’s problem. Using visuals in your email campaigns can help to reinforce your message.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is still a valuable service that can help businesses reach their target audience and convert leads. Through digital integration platforms, companies can track the performance of their print marketing campaigns down to a per-piece basis.

Understanding your client’s target market and ensuring your advertising campaign resonates with the right people is essential. You can research and analyze demographics, psychographics, and consumer behaviors.

One of the best ways to increase your sales potential is by offering a variety of packages. This will allow your customers to choose what they want and can afford while increasing your sales volume. Also, when fielding inquiries from new clients, ask them how they heard of your business. This will help you determine which advertising and marketing channels are most effective.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software replaces manual and repetitive tasks with predetermined campaigns, allowing marketers to dedicate more time to strategy and content. It also creates triggered response emails based on customer actions or milestones, such as when it’s time for regular maintenance or a recurring subscription or policy is up for renewal.

Automated marketing can help streamline lead handoff between marketing and sales and ensures that only qualified leads are passed on to the sales team. It can also create personalized content and messages beyond sticking a prospect’s name in the subject line. It can integrate with CRM, digital ads, and website personalization to drive conversions and sales. It can also track and measure campaign performance to inspire better communication between marketing and sales.

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