What is World of Warcraft Cataclysm, and why should you try playing it


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World of Warcraft is one of the most famous and interesting projects in the MMO RPG genre, with a lot of mechanics for playing alone, or in company and competition with other players.

To play Cataclysm, you need to buy the Lich King update for the classic version and select your race and class. You can prepare for the release of the new update and buy WoW Cataclysm gold in Skycoach so that when the add-on comes out on May 21, you will be ready and buy all the new equipment you need.

You can choose the Horde, or the Alliance – a faction that has its own races, and the classes will be universal for both sides.

The factions are in a state of permanent hostility and the only interactions you will have access to are battles in locations and large territories, where the outcome will allow the side to receive more bonuses and characteristics for all its representatives.

Warcraft Cataclysm

All mechanics that will be available for the game


You can complete quests and orders from local NPCs to level up, learn the history of Azeroth and earn WoW Classic gold and resources for future crafting if you want to do it in the future, or simply sell them to other artisans for additional WoW gold.


All players who like to simply destroy monsters as the main part of their gaming sessions can find this in all versions of World of Warcraft, but in the classic format it is a special part of the gameplay that is created due to long leveling and the need to obtain large amounts of resources in order to create equipment and weapons, rather than buying them, or getting them in raids.

But you don’t have to focus on the gameplay of prey and just spend time hunting like in Diablo 4, where the goal is the process, and not just strengthening the hero.

You will have access to the icy territory of the Lich King and from May 21, the Cataclysm update will be released.


There are special mechanics in World of Warcraft for player battles against each other.

This is the effect of constant confrontation between factions, where by choosing your side you will receive numerous allies and enemies with whom you will play shoulder to shoulder and fight in different types of locations.

You will not be able to interact in any way against another faction, except for an open battle, but do not worry, before you start getting into common locations you will have to level up your hero to level 20.

You will be able to attack enemies in general locations and during large-scale battles that decide control of large areas of Azeroth, which bring bonuses and income.

You will be able to fight in arenas and during various PVP events, including new Cataclysm territories, such as capture the flag, or team versus team battles.

For all fans of constant battles, there will be an opportunity to pay attention only to PVP, but do not forget about the need to increase your level, which opens up new skills and opportunities to wear more valuable equipment and weapons.

For all victories over enemies who are equal to or superior to you in strength, you will be able to receive Valor Coins, which can be accumulated and exchanged for weapons and armor, with enhanced attack and defense characteristics against other players.

Warcraft Cataclysm


Large-scale battles await you against strong monsters, called bosses, from which you can knock out high-quality weapons and armor.

To defeat them, players gather in large groups of 10 and 25 players.

The assault will consist of several stages, and you must always monitor the boss’s normal and unique attacks in order to take steps to repel them and gradually reduce his health level. Often, all dungeon heads will gain additional power by 30% health, so finish them off as quickly as possible.

Raids can be of normal and heroic difficulty, which will be added after the Cataclysm update and its release on May 21. It is through raids that you often get unique types of weapons and armor that cannot be obtained in any other way.

Craft and professions

For players who like to influence the game world through the economy and resources, rather than leveling up and PVP, there is the opportunity to fully engage in crafting and collecting resources, using mechanics for simplified search and implementation.

You can collect resources – ore, hides and fabrics, fish, and after May 21, also engage in archeology to better understand the history of Azeroth and obtain valuable materials that can be collected in the warehouse for future production, or sale to other players who find them application, and you will receive a lot of World of Warcraft Classic gold.

You will be able to engage in one of the production professions, and it is desirable that it be closely related to the main class.

For example, if you are playing as a warrior, then it is better for you to choose blacksmithing, which will allow you to craft yourself heavy armor, weapons and mount sockets that will allow you to place stones with additional enhancements for your hero.

If you play as an archer, then leatherworking will suit you, which will help you create light armor and long-range weapons.

If you play as a magician, then tailoring and inscription will suit you, or jewelry making, which will allow you to create magical weapons.

Other professions are not so closely related to specific classes, but will help you obtain unique and useful items for your gameplay.

If you want to work with potions to improve your combat capabilities and heal your health, then take up alchemy.

If you want to help other masters in crafting and create magic staves, then master the inscription.

If you like to experiment with mechanisms that can also be used in battle, then choose the engineering skill. You will create turrets and rocket launchers, mechanisms for combat and assistance in farming, and all this will require ore and steel.

If you want to master an expensive but profitable profession for all players, then choose jewelry making, which will allow you to craft jewelry that will allow you to increase your magical defense and characteristics for your class. Such jewelry is very valuable for all classes, because without it, you will be killed with a minimum cast, and all negative effects will be more likely to work. Jewelers also create precious stones that can be inserted into sockets for weapons and armor and enhance the characteristics of your character.

Conclusions on the mechanics in World of Warcraft Classic and the reasons why players should play it

WoW has become one of the most significant projects in the gaming industry because it introduced MMO RPG mechanics for all adventure lovers and those who want to play and compete with each other.

You will be given the opportunity to choose your faction and become part of it in a constant struggle with rivals on the battlefield and location zones.

You will be able to complete quests and hunt enemies in locations that suit your levels and earn WoW Classic Gold.

The classic version is essentially a re-release of the famous and complex World of Warcraft updates, which focus on lengthy leveling and complex ways to obtain resources.

For those who are constantly looking for battles, there are PVP modes in which you can earn coins of valor and spend them on special equipment and weapons that have enhanced bonuses for further battles.

For those who like interacting with the economy rather than fighting and grinding, you can focus on the resource collection system and crafting professions to constantly produce goods for your hero, or auction them off to earn gold in World of Warcraft Classic.

You can fully concentrate your efforts on raids to attack bosses of various difficulty levels in a group of 10 or 25 players, and starting with the Cataclysm version, players will now have access to heroic difficulty, which will be more difficult and require more people, but also the reward will be of higher quality and higher level – epochal and legendary quality.

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