Wild Wonders Await: Masai Mara Safari Packages for Thrilling Kenyan Expeditions

Shahzad Masood

Masai Mara Safari Packages

It is not an understatement to say that Masai Mara safari is a dream come true for many. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or not, this national park mesmerizes everyone equally. With the popularity of Kenya travel packages rising, here are all the reasons why you should include Masai Mara in your itinerary.

Masai Mara National Park

If you are opting for  Kenya Safari Tours you cannot miss the enchanting allure of the Masai Mara National Park. Named after the esteemed Maasai people, this pristine wilderness stands as a testament to nature’s splendor. Amidst its golden savannahs, a tapestry of diverse wildlife thrives alongside a rich cultural heritage.

Nestled within the Great Rift Valley, the park unveils breathtaking panoramas and a myriad of habitats. From winding rivers to lush forests, from expansive grasslands to rugged escarpments, the Mara shelters a kaleidoscope of animal species and avian wonders.

Venturing into the park promises unparalleled wildlife encounters. The renowned Big Five – elephants, leopards, lions, buffalos, and rhinos – grace the landscape, each occupying their distinct domains. Yet, the spectacle extends beyond these majestic creatures to include giraffes, cheetahs, hippos, and zebras, forming the esteemed Big Nine. Amidst the chase and drama, both large and small cat species roam freely, while hoofed animals such as wildebeests, gazelles, and impalas maintain the delicate balance of predator and prey.

For bird enthusiasts, Masai Mara is a haven of avian diversity. With over 1100 bird species, including magnificent birds of prey, the park offers a captivating spectacle. From the regal crowned hornbill to the vibrant scarlet-chested sunbird, from the elusive hartlaub’s bustard to the majestic southern ground hornbill, every flutter and call is a delight for birders and bird watchers alike.

The Great Migration

While game drives and safaris are incredible to experience in Masai Mara, the park is famed for another event. The wildebeest migration is one of the well-known migrations that occur in the animal kingdom. Millions of wildebeests, thousands of zebras, and hundreds of impalas, gazelles, and other plain animals are involved in this migration. It takes place annually and begins from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. The Masai Mara and Serengeti are situated next to each other. Thus, it allows the migratory animals to cross over two countries and parks for pasture and water.

The sight of wildebeest herds traveling together is unlike anything ever seen. This migration displays the true essence of nature as it is filled with challenges. The animals are stalked and chased by various predators like leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, lions, and others. The Mara River Crossing is a significant point of the migration yet also a major obstacle. The river is filled with Nile crocodiles that are a threat to migratory animals. The animals need to swim against the strong currents of the river to reach the other side to enter the Mara. The Mara River is one of the thrilling experiences to witness during the migration wherein the animals struggle to get away from hungry crocodiles and continue their migration.

Activities to enjoy in Masai Mara

Game drives

Game drives in 4WDs are one of the top activities to enjoy in Masai Mara National Park. You can enjoy safaris twice, first in the morning when nocturnal animals head home, and secondly during the afternoon with sundowners. Night safaris are also conducted but only inside the private conservancies of Masai Mara.

Walking safaris

If you want to step out of vehicles and explore the Mara more intimately, guided walking safaris are ideal. You will be accompanied by a guide who is a local Maasai and well-versed with the indigenous knowledge, and a ranger to keep you safe. Your excursion takes you through different areas of the park to look at its landscape and wildlife as closely as possible. Being well-guarded and safe, the walks allow you to indulge in a sensory experience like no other. You’ll be watching animals grazing quietly from a distance, hear the chirps of birds from the woodlands, and feel the rich African land below.

Hot air balloon ride

To witness wildlife from a different point of view, consider the hot air balloon ride. Usually conducted at dawn, this incredible ride takes you a few feet off the ground and allows you to see Masai Mara from a bird’s eye. You can spot the animals and the landscape of the park from up above, marveling at its vastness. Spotting the wildebeest migration as they continue their expedition from a hot air balloon ride is an experience that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else.

Visit the Maasais

Your trip to Masai Mara remains incomplete without visiting the Maasai Village. Being the original inhabitants of the Mara, they have a rich culture that is tied to the land. Once you pay a visit, the Maasais have many rituals, folklore, and traditions to share. They are easily recognizable due to their tall height and red attire called the Shuka with checkerboard patterns. Visitors can enjoy the local singing and dancing of the Maasais while also witnessing and participating in many of their rituals.

Horseback safaris

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then opt for horseback safaris offered in Masai Mara. With the vast open plains and savannahs to race upon, horseback rides in the Mara are unlike any other. You’ll get to see the beautiful landscape and animals as closely as possible. This ultimate experience allows you to see diverse wildlife including the great migration. You can also choose mobile tented camps and spend your day riding across the Mara while at night, surround yourself with bonfires and open starry skies. Horseback safaris are led by experts and local guides to help you navigate around safely.

When to visit Masai Mara

June to October are the best times to visit the Mara as the dry season results in short grasses, making game viewing easy. These months also host the wildebeest migration including the Mara River crossing.

Get in touch with a reputed travel company and book your Masai Mara safari today by choosing from various Kenya travel packages available.

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