A Comprehensive Guide to External Penetration Testing: What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It

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external penetration testing

Ever wondered how safe your business information is?

External penetration testing checks for vulnerabilities from outside your network. By simulating cyber-attacks, it helps protect your data from real threats.

Below, we’ll talk about how it can shield your business and why it’s an essential step in safeguarding your digital assets. Ready to secure your business? Read on and let’s get started.

What is External Penetration Testing?

External penetration testing is when experts act as hackers to try and find weaknesses in your business’s computer systems. They use the same tools and techniques that real hackers would, but instead of causing harm, they report back on what they find.

This helps your business understand where it might be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. These testers look at your system the way a burglar looks at a house, searching for an unlocked window or a weak door lock to gain entry.

Key Benefits

The major benefits of the penetration testing process are many and can help protect your business. First off, it’s like having a health check-up for your company’s computer systems. It spots problems before they can cause any harm. By finding and fixing these weak spots, your business can avoid costly and damaging cyber attacks.

Another big plus is being able to show your customers and partners that your business takes security seriously. This can make them feel more confident in working with you. Also, it can help your business meet legal and industry rules for protecting data.

Lastly, it helps you make smarter decisions about where to invest in your IT security. Instead of guessing where your system might be weak, the testing shows you exactly where you need to focus. This means you can spend your money more wisely, making sure you’re protecting the parts of your system that need it.

How It Works

External security testing follows a few simple steps to make sure your business’s computer systems are safe. First, experts plan by figuring out the best way to test your system without causing any real harm. They look at everything from your website to your emails to see where there might be open spots for hackers to get in.

Then, they start the test, acting like hackers trying to break in but without bad intentions. They use tools and tricks to find weak spots. After they’re done, they tell you what they found and how to fix it.

Also, fixing these problems helps your business meet SOC 2 compliance requirements. These rules ensure the protection of customer data.

Types of Tests

External penetration testing comes in various types. Each aims to check different parts of your system to keep it safe from online threats. The two main kinds are Network Services testing and Web Application testing.

Network Services testing looks for weak spots in how your network is set up, like in your email systems and where you store data. It tries to find ways a hacker might get into your network.

Meanwhile, web Application testing examines the online applications your business uses. It checks websites, online apps, and other services for vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit.

Both tests are crucial because they help protect against all the ways an attacker might try to break into your system. By doing these tests often, your business can stay ahead of hackers, keeping your and your customer’s data safe.

Common Vulnerabilities

External penetration testing often finds common problems in systems that can lead to big headaches if not fixed. These issues might include weak passwords that are easy for hackers to guess or old software that wasn’t updated.

Another big problem can be openings in the network that aren’t well protected, giving hackers a way in. Sometimes, websites or apps don’t properly check the information people enter. This can also be a way for hackers to cause trouble.

Fixing these problems makes it much harder for hackers to get into your system and keeps your business and customer information safe. It’s important to check for these issues regularly and fix them as soon as they’re found.

Choosing a Provider

When it’s time to pick someone to do your external penetration test, you want a team that knows what they’re doing. Look for experts who have done lots of tests and have good reviews.

They should understand your business and how to protect it. Make sure they explain how they test and fix problems in simple words you can understand.

Also, check if they follow rules that keep customer data safe. It’s a bonus if they teach your team how to stay safe online.

Finally, ask about the cost and make sure it fits your budget. Choosing the right provider keeps your business and customer information secure.

Implementing Findings

After your business has completed an external penetration test, it’s crucial to act on what the experts found. They will give you a report that shows where your computer systems might be weak. This report is like a map that shows you where you need to make improvements to keep hackers out.

Your IT team should start fixing these issues right away. This might mean changing passwords, updating software, or making changes to your network to block unwanted access. Sometimes, you might need to add new security tools to protect your data better.

It’s important to keep checking your systems regularly and to do penetration testing often. This way, your business stays safe against new threats. Plus, acting on these findings shows your customers that you’re serious about protecting their information.

Maintaining Security

Maintaining security means always being careful and checking your computer systems to make sure they are safe. It’s important to update software and change passwords often to keep hackers out. Think of it as a regular check-up for your computer’s health.

By doing these checks, you can find and fix any problems before they get big. This keeps your business and customer information secure. Always pay attention and act quickly when something seems wrong.

Take Advantage of External Penetration Testing Today

External penetration testing is like having a safety check for your business’s online doors and windows. It finds weak spots before the bad guys do. This helps keep your business and its important information safe.

Consider it a protective force for your computer system, ensuring security and warding off threats. Getting started with it today can make your business much safer tomorrow.

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