Attending Krav Maga Classes in NYC? 10 Things a Beginner Must Know 

Shahzad Masood


We live in an increasingly dangerous world. Knowing how to defend yourself can make all the difference in the world. If you’ve researched your options and want to try Krav Maga, here are a few things to know before you pay and attend class.

Consider an Introduction

Before you start Krav Maga classes in NYC, look for introductory courses. Some studios offer introductory sessions to help first-timers learn the basics. It’s an excellent idea because you can see the techniques and decide whether to practice them or pick something else.

Know the Difference

You’ll find plenty of self-defense training classes. But not all of them are practical in a real fight. If you want to protect yourself, attending Krav Maga classes in NYC is perfect for training your body and reflexes. However, no matter how many self-defense classes you join, the best advice is always to run away. Putting considerable distance between you and an attacker is often the safest way to end a dangerous confrontation.

Get Your Diet in Check

Frequent visits to the studio or gym for your classes aren’t everything. Regular exercise on the mat can help you burn calories and achieve the weight and shape you want. But if you’re still eating junk food, processed food items, and more of the same, you’ll need to change your diet to achieve optimum results. Combine a healthy diet with regular exercise, and you’ll see better results.

Invite a Friend

You’re more likely to finish your self-defense classes if you have a friend. The best part about attending the sessions with a pal is having someone to practice with. You and your friend may even see immediate growth in your skills, reflexes, and ability to execute the techniques because you can practice with someone nearly all the time. Also, if you’re embarrassed or shy, attending the sessions with a friend means you’ll be more open and engaged. You’ll start to look forward to the classes. 

Work Hard

Like any discipline, Krav Maga requires hard work. Invest time and effort into getting the best results. Work on your weaknesses. If there are techniques or postures you need help with, practice them at home. You can also book practice sessions with a friend or sparring partner. Having a partner allows you to adjust and improve quickly because you learn how to effectively move your body on the mat.

Know What It Is

Unlike Aikido or other forms of martial arts, Krav Maga is designed for combat. This fighting style is for attack. That’s also why it’s ideal to practice with other students attending the class. As a student, you’re more conscious of your movements. You don’t want to hurt your sparring partner, so you’re careful. Practicing with someone who doesn’t have any training in self-defense classes isn’t ideal. Some are less likely to be cautious. They think attacking with feverish abandon is a good idea. But you could end up hurt in that situation. That’s another reason to bring a friend to the classes. They can be your sparring partner. They know the rules, so you can practice without worrying about sustaining any injuries.

Enjoy the Exercise

If you’re looking for an exercise regimen, consider giving Krav Maga a try. It’s practical and can yield results on the field. When you use a treadmill, you only exercise your legs. Krav Maga allows you to train other muscles so you achieve an overall balance of muscle exercise. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to try adding warm-ups to the techniques as soon as you’ve mastered them. A well-rounded approach to exercise helps you stay healthy.

Be Part of a Diverse Group

One of the best things about attending classes is meeting people. Watch how they do it. It pays to practice with new sparring partners when you get a chance. You can’t predict their movements yet, so it’s more of a challenge. You can pick up tips and techniques you and your usual sparring partner don’t know. And you can see how your techniques compare to theirs.

Have a Social Outlet

Are you looking for an outlet where you can vent your frustrations? Some days at work can be exhausting. Jumping through hoops for demanding clients. Catching up with impossible deadlines. Chasing your dog once you get home because she, once again, managed to get into your closet and chew your tennis shoes to bits. Playing Krav Maga can be the perfect way to let out some steam. There’s nothing like the feeling of tossing someone down the mat. Plus, you know how to make this safe for you and your sparring partner.

Learn to Defend Yourself

Run away if you think you’ll be attacked. But if avoidance isn’t possible, apply what you learned in your Krav Maga classes. Calm down and get ready. With continued classes, you’ll know enough to protect vital parts of your body from critical hits. You also learn to pay attention to your surroundings so you can avoid dangerous confrontations in the first place.

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