Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Choosing an Outdoor Portable Toilet for Your Outdoor Event


outdoor portable toilet

Were you aware that the average person can go to the bathroom up to 10 times per day?

This means that outdoor event planners can’t afford to overlook the restrooms. Not having enough high-quality toilets can make guests uncomfortable.

Do you want to avoid common pitfalls when choosing an outdoor portable toilet? Read on for our toilet rental guide.

Understand Your Outdoor Event Needs

How many people will attend, and what is the duration of the event? Knowing these details will help determine the number and type of toilets needed. For a large event, you will need more units, and if your event lasts all day, you may need to consider extra cleanings.

Check Local Permits and Regulations

Before setting up any restroom facilities, check local permits and regulations to avoid a cancellation. Different areas have different requirements for outdoor events. Some locations may have strict rules about where you can place portable toilets and how many you need.

Consider the Event Location

The location of your event plays a significant role in choosing the right portable toilets. If your event is in a remote area, ensure that the toilets can be easily delivered and serviced. For urban events, you may need to think about space constraints and accessibility for all guests, including those with disabilities.

Do Some Emergency Planning

Always have a few extra toilets than you think you need. This can prevent long lines and ensure everyone is comfortable. You should also consider having hand sanitizing stations nearby, especially if running water isn’t available.

Rent a Stellar Outdoor Portable Toilet

Standard units are the most common, but there are also deluxe versions with handwashing stations, flushing mechanisms, and even solar-powered lights. For upscale events, consider luxury restroom trailers that offer a more comfortable experience. You can click for porta potty rental toilets to see what’s out there.

Ensure Proper Maintenance and Cleaning

Discuss with the rental company how often they’ll service the units. For longer events, you might need mid-event cleanings. This ensures the toilets remain clean and pleasant to use throughout the event.

Avoid Overcrowding the Event Facilities

To avoid overcrowding, ensure you have an adequate number of portable toilets. A general rule is one toilet per 50 guests for a few hours.

For longer events, you might need more. Overcrowded toilets can lead to long lines and frustrated guests.

Consider the Weather

Weather can impact the placement and type of portable toilets you need.

In hot weather, units with ventilation and shade are preferable. For cold weather events, consider units with insulation. Plan for rain by ensuring the ground is stable and not prone to flooding.

Final Checklist

Confirm the restroom delivery schedule with your supplier. Walk through the event location and verify that the toilets are in the right spots. Make sure there are enough units for the number of guests.

Thoughtful Event Planning Is Imperative

Choosing the right outdoor portable toilet for your event is key. By understanding your event needs, complying with local permits, and using these tricks, you can provide a pleasant experience for all your guests.

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