Best-Selling Website Templates: Cool, Foolproof Tools for Us Non-Coder Folks

Zafar Jutt

Website Templates

Let’s be real, trying to build a whole website on your own when you’re not good at coding is pretty much the worst. Unless you want to pull your hair out, it’s just not a battle worth fighting for us non-techy folk.

Here’s where website templates come in as a breakthrough. These pre-built web designs are a lifesaver for regular people who want a fresh, modern site without the cold sweats of coding nightmares.

In this post, I’ll break down some of the most popular providers offering the best-selling website templates on the market. For anyone who’s a small business owner, blogger, photographer, or just wants a slick personal site, these themes will provide you with the necessary tools. And won’t require any hardcore tech skills instead. Let’s dive in!

TemplateMonster: The Web Template Juggernaut

In terms of best-selling website templates, TemplateMonster is an absolute titan that should be at the top of your list. These guys have been dominating the web design game for ages with a downright massive library.

No matter what kind of site you’re trying to build – for a hip new restaurant, an online clothing store, a photography portfolio, or even just a personal blog. TemplateMonster provides tons of fresh, modern web themes for various needs. Their collection is stacked with thousands upon thousands of options across all kinds of industries and niches.

But here’s the real kicker that makes this marketplace so clutch for us non-techies. Their themes are easy to customize, even if you don’t know a lick of code. Furthermore, most designs are intuitive with smart editors, so it’s easy for us to effortlessly tweak layouts, colors, fonts, and more. It’s all visual and straightforward as can be.

On top of this user-friendly aspect, the platform has six-month customer support, while vendors provide extensive documentation to handhold you through any hiccups.

The Other Big Kahunas of Best-Selling Webpage Layouts

Of course, while TemplateMonster may be royalty, they aren’t the only players in town. A few other major heavyweights in this space deserve some cheers.

  • Take Wix, for instance – their whole platform is about making website building an absolute cakewalk. Even for folks who wouldn’t know HTML from a hole in the ground. With Wix’s drag-and-drop interface and tons of pre-built web layouts, just about anyone can get a pretty snazzy site up and running in no time flat. Their best-selling website templates cover the essentials like online stores, booking platforms, portfolios, and more. Plus, making customizations is as easy as arranging digital Lego blocks.
  • Then you’ve got the sleek, professional stylings of Squarespace’s best-selling demo collection. Their solutions are drool-worthy if you want your page to have a super clean, modern, art gallery type of vibe. Even though Squarespace is a little pricier than some other options, their designer-made templates have that polish to give any online presence a first-class and high-end look. If you crave a luxe, minimalist aesthetic, Squarespace has your back.  
  • We’d also fail to give a shoutout to the OG of the website world – WordPress. This content management system has been around forever and remains wildly popular for small businesses, bloggers, and almost any kind of web page. The beautiful part about WordPress is the sheer number of best-selling options available. Many of which are even free or stupidly cheap.

Between giants like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, and the aforementioned TemplateMonster, anyone can find gorgeous, user-friendly, and even feature-rich webpage layouts. What they also have in common is that you don’t have to pound your head on the keyboard trying to code something from scratch.

Why TemplateMonster Deserves Another Mention

Alright, let’s circle back around to TM because they do deserve some extra love here. While I’ve highlighted some other awesome digital asset providers, these guys still stand out as an elite option worth your hard-earned dollars.

  • First off, the company has the best-selling templates available for basically any budget. No matter your status – a big business owner or a bootstrapped blogger just starting. You’ll find affordable designs that punch way above their weight class. From dirt-cheap basics to premium packages loaded with extras, there’s something for every price point.
  • Speaking of extras, their best-selling items come packed with quality-of-life features like SEO readiness and built-in mobile responsiveness right out of the box. Forget about clunky monstrosities that look janky on smartphones and aren’t up to search engine standards. TM prioritizes modern web rules.
  • Moreover, they offer tons of optional goodies to level up your online game even further. Need professional stock photos or graphics? They gotcha. Looking for web hosting to make your life easier? It’s available. Want some extra paid customization services to personalize your site? Hey, they got you.

The bottom line is that TemplateMonster goes far beyond just basic templates. It’s a whole ecosystem with just about everything you could need to spin up a gorgeous, top-performing online presence.

My suggestion? Just head over to their marketplace and look around. Get a first-hand feel for their huge collection of best-selling products across all categories. I’m ready to put money on you to find something that catches your eye!

In Conclusion

To wrap things up, let’s recap the main selling point of website templates. In my opinion, they’re the most convenient way to launch a slick, professional-looking webpage without any time- or money-consuming work.

With a quality design as your foundation, everything is pre-built and ready to go. All you have to do is customize some surface-level stuff like colors, images, text, etc. It’s a phenomenally easy way to get an awesome online presence up and running in essentially no time at all.

If I were you, I’d stop procrastinating and delaying my website dreams. Take advantage of the multitude of user-friendly, code-free themes out there from reputable providers. Your new blog or store is just a few clicks away!

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