How to Make Umrah

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How to Make Umrah

Umrah is one of the main acts of Islam. It’s a flexible opportunity for Muslims to seek blessings from Allah SWT. Everyone, from children to older Muslims, desires to perform Umrah. You don’t have to worry about when you can make the Umrah journey into Makkah. Here, we will provide the best and most thorough guidance on how to perform Umrah

Making an Umrah trip to Makkah refers to performing a religious act or duty. By involving in some specific rituals, you will complete Umrah. 

This is how you can make Umrah: If we delve into making Umrahs, we should ensure how to perform it and attain the right Umrah 2024 Package

The process of performing it is not very long, just including these simple steps:

Entering into Ihram

Ihram is a first condition for performing Umrah. One must ensure this before conducting onward rituals. But how will you assume the state of Ihram? Ihram can be worn at any Meeqat point, specifically serving as a place to consider this condition. 

This unique dress code isn’t the same for both genders, but its significance is the same for both. Males should wear two white sheets known as ‘Izar’ and ‘Rida’. The condition of the two white sheets isn’t for women; they can wear routine life dresses, including an Abaya (optional). Remember that Ihram is not just an attire; this condition also serves as a state of purity.

Making intention for Umrah

The intention is Niyyah, which is what you make to do a specific act. In the case of a pilgrimage, you must have proper intentions. Although your purpose and Niyyah are conducting a religious pilgrimage when you depart, making it through verbal words will be better and recommended. Please declare your Niyyah with a sincere heart and mind.

Performing Tawaf

Tawaf, a second ritual, is a compulsory step to make Umrahs. You will perform Tawaf around the Holy Kaaba seven times in an anticlockwise direction. A healthy and physically fit pilgrim can do it within 49 to 60 minutes, but it may take one and a half hours for others.

Sa’ee or Sa’i

Do you know what Sa’ee is? Well, this is the most significant ritual of Umrahs. Sometimes, it’s also considered to be the third important step. This crucial step is added in honour of Hajirah (A.S), the wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S), who was walking/running between the hills of Safa and Marwah in search of water. Hence, pilgrims will also conduct this ritual between these significant hills.

Qasr – hair cutting or shaving

You can also call this Halq and Taqsir. This is the final step of your Umrahs performance, and it will mark the completion of the pilgrimage. Halq, particularly for men, means shaving. On the other hand, Taqsir is for women to trim their hair shortly, usually equal to the fingertip.

That’s all about making Umrah inside Masjid al-Haram in Makkah. However, there are also some other factors that you should consider.

Make preparations such as reserving your Package for Umrah travel. Alternative preparations include getting physically, mentally, and spiritually ready for undertaking rituals.

Getting vaccinated against any severe disease and having an authorized health certificate. In advance, perform some respected spiritual practices, such as seeking forgiveness from Allah SWT, offering prayers, learning duas and supplications, etc.

Budget your trip realistically, considering all the logistics and selecting the Affordable Umrahs Package that can impact finances during the journey. It would be best to exchange the currency for SAR (Saudi Arabian Riyal).

Prepare a checklist of Umrah essentials. See below:

  Item name  Note/description
Ihram attirePack it to perform all the rituals.
  Travel documentsInclude all the required travel documents such as visa, passport, travel vouchers, etc.
Comfortable footwearNeed to walk in the holy cities!
Hygiene itemsToiletries such as brushes, shampoo, soaps, etc.
MedicationsAs usual medications such as pain killers, kit, etc.
CurrencyCarry enough currency to utilize within your itinerary.
ElectronicsSuch as, mobile phone, charger, earphones, etc.
Small backpackTo carry small essential items.
Umrah guideNeed the knowledge about Umrah, isn’t that?
Sun protection itemsSunscreen, umbrella, sunglasses, hat, etc.
Contact listEnsure to have important contact numbers.

Getting Finalize This guide for making Umrah will significantly help you when you arrange a trip there. So, choose the best plan for you. Also, keep an eye on the Ministry’s new updates and decisions so you can do Umrah with satisfaction. May you have most of your Umrah!

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