Can I Still Work Full Time While Getting an Executive Online MBA?

Shahzad Masood

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Executive online MBA programs allow you to study while still working at your full-time job. These programs are designed to accommodate students with tight or unpredictable work schedules as well as those with family responsibilities. The programs offer a quick way of earning an MBA degree without career disruptions. Here are some tips to help you balance between work and studies as you pursue your executive MBA program:

Communicate Openly

Communicate with your employer about your executive MBA (EMBA) program and discuss ways of harmonizing your work and study schedule. You can also tell your employer how your EMBA degree will benefit the organization. Discuss with members of your work team the possibility of delegating your responsibilities when attending online classes. You can share your schedule with fellow employees to help them know when exactly they need to step in for you. If your managers and team members know the details of your program, they can give you the required support.

Create Your Schedule Early

Check your executive online MBA program requirements during the application stage and create a balanced study schedule. Some institutions can give you their full-year schedule for the online MBA program to help you plan your time early. Indicate in your schedule when you will need full-week sessions or weekends to attend online classes. You will also need to map out the times you will need to study or complete school projects. Helping your employer and fellow employees understand your availability will allow you to balance work tasks and maximize efficiency.

Seek Family Support

Share the details of your enrollment in an online executive MBA with your family and friends and let them know your school schedule in advance. This will allow them to give you the support you may need throughout the study period. If you have a partner and children, line up support for childcare and delegate household responsibilities. This will give you the time and space to focus on your work and studies. Investing time and attention in your studies will help you to get the most out of the EMBA program.

Choose a Program That Fits Your Work Life

Before enrolling in an online executive MBA program, check its format to make sure it aligns with your work schedule. You will need to enroll in a program that causes minimal disruptions to your work schedule. This may encourage better support from your managers and fellow employees. Programs that are structured with more weekend sessions and fewer week sessions may be more suitable for working professionals.

Pursuing an Online Executive MBA While Working

Online executive MBAs are flexible and will allow you to complete all the coursework without having to change work schedules. You will be able to maintain your full-time job and personal life while enrolled in an online EMBA. This means that you will continue adding work experience to your resume while gaining more skills. This dual addition of work experience and academic skills will help you advance more quickly in your career.

Staying in a full-time job while completing an EMBA will also make you more competitive in a challenging job market. Enrolling in an online executive MBA program will also help you to tap into professional networks more quickly. You will be able to meet industry leaders, seasoned faculty, and corporate recruiters. Online EMBA programs also offer you an opportunity to interact with accomplished peers who can support you professionally.  

Pursuing an online executive MBA degree while working allows you to apply the skills you learn in class immediately. This means that you can gain personal and professional value from the EMBA program more quickly. Pursuing an online EMBA degree while working full-time may also qualify you for tuition fee reimbursement through your employer. This will help you to pay off your education more quickly.

Enroll in an Executive Online MBA Today

An executive online MBA program gives you a flexible alternative to advancing your career while simultaneously maintaining your full-time job. This means that you will continue to earn your income and gain more work experience without disruptions. Look for a reputable institution today and enroll in its online executive MBA program to advance professionally while saving time and money.

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