The Dos and Don’ts of Beer Tasting: Tips for the Aspiring Beer Drinker


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Do you want to taste some beer? A beer lover appreciation needs knowledge and awareness of the senses.

When you go to a brewery or have a tasting at home, you should follow certain rules. Reading this blog will help you learn all about beer.

Learn to enjoy every sip, understand why different beers are good, and stay away from common mistakes. Grab a drink and come with me on this tasty trip.

If you use these tips, you’ll be able to teach your beer drinker friends a lot about beer in no time! Keep reading!

Do: Start with a Clean Palate

Before diving into a fun beer-tasting session, ensure that your palate is as clean and neutral as possible. Consume water and perhaps some plain crackers to cleanse your taste buds. This preparation allows you to experience the full range of flavors and aromas in each beer without interference from previous meals or beverages.

Don’t: Judge a Beer by Its Color

While the color of a beer can give you clues about its general style and malt content, it’s not a definitive indicator of the taste. Beers with similar colors can have vastly different flavor profiles. Keep an open mind and allow each sip to inform your opinion.

Do: Pay Attention to Serving Temperature

Temperature plays a crucial role in beer tasting. Too cold, and you’ll numb your palate, masking many of the beer’s subtleties.

Too warm, and you may find the flavors too pronounced or unbalanced. Aim for the recommended serving temperature of the beer style you’re sampling, which often ranges from 45°F (7°C) for lighter beers to 55°F (13°C) for heavier ales and stouts.

Don’t: Rush Through the Tasting

Beer tasting is not a race. Take your time with each sample to savor the flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. Allow the beer to sit on your palate, taking in the initial flavors, the mid-taste development, and the finish. Rushing through a tasting will only rob you of the full experience each beer offers.

Do: Use the Right Glassware

The shape of the glass can influence your beer-tasting experience. Certain styles of beer are enhanced when served in specific types of glasses that are designed to highlight the beer’s aroma, affect the presentation, or control the flow onto the palate. Invest in a few key styles, such as pilsner glasses, snifters, and tulips, to maximize your tasting experience.

Don’t: Ignore Food Pairings

Exploring food pairings with beer can elevate your tasting experience to new heights. The right combination can complement or contrast flavors, enhancing both the beer and the dish. Start with classic pairings like hoppy IPAs with spicy foods or rich stouts with chocolate desserts, and then experiment to find your personal favorites.

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Elevate Your Beer Drinker Journey

Learning more about beer makes you enjoy it more and appreciate the craft more. Any beer drinker can get a better-tasting experience with a clean palate, good glasses, and food pairings.

Remember that beer is big and varied, and it begs to be explored without bias. Wait your turn. Each sip is a chance to learn something.

Share what you’ve learned about drinking beer, and have fun all the time. Cheers to discovering new beers and becoming an expert on them!

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