Choosing The Right Roller Door Installer For Your New Home

Shahzad Masood

Roller Door Installer

Installing a roller door is one of the key aspects of setting up a new home. This large-scale fixture impacts not just the home’s security but also its energy efficiency and aesthetics. That’s why it’s important to pick the right installer like Steel-Line who can provide and fit the optimal roller door solution for your needs. Here are some tips on choosing a good roller door installer for your new home:

Research Reputable Local Installers

Look for installers in your area who specialize in roller doors. Search online directories, ask neighbors for recommendations and check ratings on review sites like Yelp. Make a list of a few well-reviewed installers for further evaluation. Ensure they have extensive experience in fitting roller doors in local homes like yours.

Verify Licensing and Accreditations

Confirm the installer has valid licensing and accreditations from authorized trade organizations. This proves they are professionally certified to undertake roller door installations safely and per code. Ask to see proof of licensing, insurance certificates and association memberships. Avoid installers who cannot provide these.

Check their Brands and Product Range

The installer must stock quality products from reputed roller door brands like B&D, Roll-A-Door, etc. Their range should include varied configurations – aluminium and steel doors, manual and automatic openers, insulated and perforated slats etc. This allows you to choose the optimal door. Also verify they source authentic branded components, not counterfeits.

Ensure Customized Measurements

Beware of installers who take “standard” measurements and install cookie-cutter doors. The right installer will meticulously customize measurements of your garage opening and requirements. This results in a roller door that fits perfectly and functions optimally.

Verify Installation Method and Hardware

Ask detailed questions about the installer’s entire installation process. Check if they use branded parts like side guides, brackets, automatic openers etc. Ensure they follow the specifications of your door’s brand. Using subpar installation hardware can compromise your door’s performance and longevity.

Ensure Safety Checks and Compliance

A good installer will thoroughly check for electrical, mechanical and safety hazards before and after installation. They must confirm all components used comply with Australian standards. Ask them about the safety tests, checks and compliance procedures they follow for every installation.

Compare Quotes and Warranties

Get quotes from a few shortlisted installers and compare pricing transparently. Be wary of abnormally low quotes as it may indicate poor quality or service. Also check what warranty coverage the installer provides on their products and labor. Good installers typically offer warranties of 1 year or more.

Verify After-Sales Services Offered

Besides the installation, you need support for maintenance, repairs and breakdowns. Ask what after-sales services and support the installer provides. Do they have qualified technicians to handle service calls? Are maintenance contracts offered? This avoids major problems down the line.


Taking time to find the right roller door installer goes a long way in getting a high-quality door fitted to perfection. It pays off in better safety, security, hassle-free operation and longevity of this major investment. Follow these tips for satisfactory results from your new home’s roller door installation.

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