Elegant Engagement Rings

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Elegant Engagement Rings

Do you have your engagement plans? Are you looking for your engagement ring? If yes, you have landed on the right page. When it is about choosing your engagement ring, a lot of things matter to make a final choice. Engagement rings can be different as per choice. It can be a gemstone ring, a diamond ring, a custom ring, a metal ring, a vintage ring, or a sapphire ring. In this article, we are discussing the details of the sapphire ring. Let us get started.

Sapphire Rings Defined

Sapphire rings have been an alternative to traditional diamond rings for ages. It is an amazing shade of blue and is usually linked with love, romance, and royalty. These rings have become more popular in recent years and many couples prefer buying a sapphire ring for their special engagement event to show love, care, and commitment.

Historical Significance of Sapphire Engagement Rings

Decades back, sapphire had a great historical significance. There was a strong belief that sapphire protects the wearer from evil, harm, and envy. Royal people loved to wear sapphire jewellery in their special royal gatherings, events, and celebrations to show their wealth, power, and status. It not only offers status but also gives allure to the wearer. If we look back at the Middle Ages, sapphire is the symbol of love and romance. At the time, knights wear the sapphires to protect their loved ones. In recent years, sapphire has become important and is usually bought and worn by status-conscious people and royal families. Princess Diana wore the sapphire ring at her engagement event and then Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wore the sapphire ring.

Sapphire – A Brief Description

Sapphire is an amazing and beautiful gemstone. It is in blue colour which is associated with royalty, faithfulness, and commitment. Because of the allure and beauty of sapphire, it is being used in engagement rings. Sapphire is very durable so if you want to wear your ring every day, do buy engagement rings sapphire. As far as the hardness of sapphire is concerned, they are ranked just below the diamonds on the scale of hardness. Durability is the greatest reason which is why the rings show natural love and long-term commitment. This makes it more popular for couples as they are on the way to starting their lifelong journey together.

Beauty and Allure of Sapphire of Engagement Ring

Sapphire engagement rings are very beautiful because of the various factors listed below;

  • Colour
  • Versatility
  • Uniqueness
  • Shapes and sizes
  • Budget 

Let us give a brief explanation of each factor here.


Sapphire engagement rings are very beautiful because of their amazing shades from deep blue to a subtle blue hue.


Various choices in sapphire rings allow the wearers to buy rings based on their status, style, and personality.


Diamond rings are very popular for engagement functions but sapphire engagement rings are another unique alternative. This offers the couple individuality, unique style, and stunning look.

Shapes and Sizes

Sapphire comes in different shapes and sizes so the buyer can buy it as per their preference and choice.


Because of the numerous sizes and shapes, the budget of a sapphire stone can vary.

Concluding Remarks

Sapphire engagement rings give beauty and elegance to the couple who choose to have a sapphire ring on their special day of life. Sapphire rings are also commonly used to symbolise wealth, status, and power. It is also used to symbolize love and lifelong commitment because of its durability factor. If you want to buy a sapphire ring on your special day, do check the colour, size, shape, and most importantly your budget. Happy shopping!

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