Funny Puzzles: Delete & Erase Things to Make the Coolest Happen!

Shahzad Masood

Funny Puzzles

Playing This Best Fun Casual Game to Kill Your Time!

Are you still worried about not being able to find a casual game that can kill your time and is interesting enough? It’s very easy to get bored on your way to and from work, or anywhere you have to stand or sit for an extended period. You want to kill some time, but you have long been tired of all kinds of boring games. Now, you want to find a game that is simple enough to play and doesn’t require too much effort.

At the same time, it should be interesting enough to relieve your stress, relax, and preferably make you laugh and feel satisfied. Enter DOP Puzzle: Delete One Part now to relax your brain completely! Just keep swiping to erase anything that obscures the original appearance of a person or thing. Your goal is to cause changes and twists in events.

Funny Puzzles

Our Gameplay is Easy to Get Started and will Keep You Laughing

The gameplay of Delete One Part is very simple, you just need to keep dragging the mouse or swiping the screen with your finger to “delete” something. However, as an interesting puzzle game, our game also requires you to use your brain. For example, a cactus and a balloon fell in love on one level. They wanted to hug each other but were worried that the cactus’ thorns might pop the balloon.

Now, it’s time for you to save their love! Please “delete” all the thorns on the cactus, so that he and Miss Balloon, the sweet couple, can hug freely! For another example, on another level, a rock singer’s hair is too long. Therefore, it is difficult for us to see his facial features and expressions. His sight is also blocked by his hair, so he cannot see the road and people in front of him!

You need to do him a little favor and “delete” his excessively long hair. It’s time to let his bald head, which reflects the sparkle, be fully exposed to the air. As a thank you, the rock singer who breathed the fresh air again will sing you a rock song that will make your adrenaline rush to the limit!

Funny Puzzles

The Funny and Innovative Level Designs Bring You Joy in Solving Puzzles

Everything we design for this game is to enhance your gaming experience. We understand clearly that you play our games to relax and have fun. At the same time, we know that players don’t like levels that are too repetitive and boring, so each of our levels is interesting enough for you.The mission of the game is simple and clear: “delete” those things that need to be “deleted”, and then wait for unexpected and interesting events to happen!

However, our game also sets some “traps” for you. If you erase things without any thinking at all, the story may go in the opposite direction and your game may fail. We have carefully prepared dozens of game levels for you, all with different designs. During the whole process of playing DOP Puzzle, you can freely “delete” things as well as your bad mood.

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