How to Pass Hair Follicle Test: Home Remedies


How to Pass Hair Follicle Test
How to Pass Hair Follicle Test

Interesting fact – The number of people who fail drug tests is rising rapidly per year. For many, the question has moved from avoiding drugs totally to passing their drug tests. To answer this question, many have tried out all forms of home remedies for passing a hair follicle test, like cutting their hair, dying it or even bleaching it.

While these ideas are not bad themselves, whether they work or not is the big question.

For most, the only thing on their mind is coming up with a negative test result. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely looking for remedies you can try out at home to help you pass.

Thankfully, this article not only provides you with an answer to your burning search but also gives you a sure effective method of passing your hair follicle test.

How does a hair drug test work?

Before passing a hair drug test, let’s understand what you go through when taking a hair drug test.

Most employers, organizations and legal bodies use hair drug tests to get an overview of your use of drugs and their duration. Saliva, blood, urine, or hair are some of the common samples taken to do a drug test.

While these samples are used, the most reliable sample, however, is hair follicle testing. When put side by side with other types of drug tests, hair follicle tests can reveal the length of time you have been using drugs, as far back as 6 months.

Like food, when you take drugs, your body breaks down the constituents into smaller bits known as metabolites. These metabolites then go through your blood. Because hair follicles are grown through this circulation, the metabolites are stored in your hair shaft as they grow.

So basically, each strand of hair has the potential to show even the slightest drug use. Think of your hair strands like your browser history.

During a hair drug test, lab workers take a strand of your hair and put it through advanced techniques in order to identify any drug residue in your system and how much you have been consuming.

Things You Can Find at Home to Pass Your Hair Follicle Test

Seeing as passing a hair follicle test is important, there has been a rise in the search for home remedies that can work. While these remedies can reduce the likelihood of failing your test, there is a more effective way if you keep reading to the end.

Home remedies are treatment options or ingredients that can be easily sourced around the home.

Why do people choose home remedies then?

They are a preferable choice for most people because they are often cheaper to source.

Also, people who are looking for ingredients that may not harmfully affect their hair growth choose home remedies as the better option.

Now that you know why people use home remedies, it’s time to find out other home remedies you can try out to pass your hair follicle test.

1.     White Vinegar

This is a common home remedy for cleaning your hair off any drug residue. Also called distilled vinegar, it is used in home cleaning due to its high acidic content. It can cut through grease, and grime and acts as a natural weed killer.

It is this acidic content in white vinegar that makes it a favorite for cleaning your hair. Vinegar’s acid cuts through any drug buildup in your hair.

2.    Homemade Ointment

You can make an ointment at home using ingredients you can source around the market or store. The steps to making an ointment are easy. All you need is detergent, vinegar, any acne treatment product with a 2% salicylic acid concentration, and soap.

Mix the vinegar and a tablespoon of the salicylic acid into a bottle. Leave it to soak for about 30 minutes before pouring it into your hair and allowing it to soak for a while. Rinse off thoroughly with soap or detergent and water.

3.    Baking Soda

In the hair industry, baking soda is a powerful ingredient used to remove excess oil from hair follicles and keep the hair scalp feeling cleaner. It is a known natural cleanser that acts by removing drug residues from the hair and keeping the outer layer of the hair flat.

4.   Hair Detox Shampoo

Detox shampoos are another home remedy option for passing your hair drug test.

Usually, your hair grows with the buildup of substances around your hair scalp and shafts. These buildups act as giveaways when going for a drug test. Detox shampoos are more deeply ingrained in the hair shaft than regular washes found in stores.

Detox shampoos work well in eliminating drug metabolite residue from hair because they contain a blend of active acidic and surfactant ingredients.

What Best Hair Detox Shampoo is Best for a Hair Drug Test

These natural cures may be helpful, but the real question is: How successful are they?

There has been a tremendous increase in the manufacturing of detox shampoo products due to the increased demand for treatments to help pass hair follicle testing. Although these types demonstrate that detox shampoos are helpful, their potencies differ.

The Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo is the most user-tested and efficacious hair detox shampoo for passing your hair drug test.

The ingredients in the Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo, which is derived from research with scientific backing, effectively eliminate all traces of toxins and drug residues from the hair over time.

Not only does the Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo work well for passing a hair drug test, but it also has thousands of satisfied users and great reviews, which makes it stand out from other detox shampoos on the market.

Most users confessed to utilizing the Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo in conjunction with the Mike Macujo method in order to maximise its benefit.

What, then, is the Mike Macujo Method?

The Mike Macujo method is a surefire way to pass your hair drug test, irrespective of whatever drug you are being tested for. It consists of a step-by-step process to help you cleanse your hair of drugs and their residue.

When used with the Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo, you are not just cheating the system and passing your hair drug test, you are erasing any trace of drugs and their uses, leaving you without the fear of losing your application, legal battle, or sports trial.

Wrapping it Up

Now that you have read up to this point, you should be able to distinguish what product is more effective for passing your drug test. While home remedies are good to try out if you are serious about acing your hair drug test, the Mike Macujo method and the Macujo Aloe Rid Shampoo are your tested and most effective recommendations.

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