How to Prevent Cyberbullying and Harassment to Ensure Kid’s Safety

Shahzad Masood


Securing Kids’ Phones from Cyberbullying and Harassment

Today’s kids are addicted to their smartphones. Prying those screens from their hands is impossible. But digital dangers to your child’s safety, such as cyberbullying and harassment, keep you worried all the time. So, what do you do? Luckily, you have parental control apps like Eyezy that can help you with this dilemma. Let’s find out how to prevent cyberbullying!

Risks of Cyberbullying and Harassment

Cyberbullying inflicts deep emotional wounds on children in many different ways. Here are some of them:

Emotional Impact

The emotional toll of cyberbullying can be devastating. Children subjected to online harassment often experience profound psychological distress, struggling with feelings of worthlessness and loneliness. The constant barrage of negative messages and comments can shatter their self-esteem. Kids’ may even withdraw from social activities due to a fear of further ridicule or humiliation.

Academic Consequences

The impact of cyberbullying extends beyond emotional distress; it can impede academic performance as well. Victims often struggle to concentrate on their studies, preoccupied by the trauma inflicted online. Persistent harassment may lead to absenteeism, declining grades, and even school avoidance. Thatx’s why it’s essential to know how to prevent online harassment.

Long-term Effects

The scars of cyberbullying aren’t confined to childhood; they can linger into adulthood as deep-seated psychological issues. Traumatic experiences online can shape a person’s perception of themselves and others, impacting their relationships, career prospects, and overall well-being. Thus, addressing cyberbullying early is crucial to mitigating these long-term effects.

3 Ways to Prevent Cyberbullying

There’s no simple answer to how to prevent cyberbullying. You’ll need to check and implement a few things to ensure your child stays on the safest track.

Parental Controls: Eyezy

One effective way to protect children from cyberbullying and harassment is through the use of parental control apps like Eyezy. This files finder app provides you with in-depth information about your child’s digital activities. They allow you to:

  • monitor text messages
  • check social media interactions
  • review web browsing history
  • discreetly track your child’s smartphone usage
  • gain a deeper understanding of their online behavior
  • identify any potential signs of cyberbullying or harassment
  • enable children’s GPS tracking and geofencing
  • customize alerts and notifications to receive instant updates on your child’s activity

Whether your child uses an Android or iOS device, Eyezy can be easily installed and configured to provide protection. It’s the ultimate answer to how to prevent online harassment. The intuitive dashboard interface lets you access your child’s smartphone data from anywhere, at any time.

Educate Your Child

While parental control apps like Eyezy can provide valuable support in protecting children from cyberbullying and harassment, education remains a significant component of any safety strategy.

Start by having open and honest conversations with your child about the potential dangers they may encounter online. Give them examples of cyberbullyingand teach them the impact it can have on one’s mental and emotional well-being. Emphasize the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, both online and offline.

It’s a good practice to provide your kid with practical strategies for dealing with cyberbullying if they experience it firsthand. Teach them how to block and report abusive users on social media platforms. Remind them that they can always turn to you or another trusted adult for support and guidance.

Privacy Settings

Managing privacy settings on social media platforms is another one of the many ways to prevent cyberbullying. By adjusting your children’s social media privacy settings, you can minimize the risk of them becoming targets for cyberbullying and harassment.

Start by reviewing the privacy of your child’s social media accounts together. Then, make sure they are set to the highest level of security. Teach your child the importance of limiting the amount of personal information they share online, including their full name, address, and school name.

Remember to discuss the concept of stranger danger with your child and emphasize the importance of only accepting friend requests from those they know and trust in real life.


So, which is an appropriate way to minimize cyberbullying? Well, all three listed above are! Eyezy can give you everything you need about your child’s digital interactions, but combining all three can only provide a long-term solution. Download the app today, then educate your child and tweak their social media privacy settings for the best protection!

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