Online Fertility Doctor Consultations: A Step-by-Step Guide

Shahzad Masood

Online Fertility Doctor Consultations

Patients experiencing virtual fertility consultations for the first time can often be pleasantly surprised at how much technology has become an enabler in making life convenient for us. Through video conferencing, you can now complete the evaluation and treatment of your infertility woes from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to technology advancing in leaps and bounds, fertility clinics can now provide the same level of care for you at home without ever requiring you to step into the clinic. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, you would have used a live video communication platform to stay in touch with your family members or for work needs. Consulting an online fertility doctor is the same, using more secure and robust applications.

How to Prepare For the Consultation

For someone who has never been through an online consultation session before, it is natural that you will have various questions and may even feel a little nervous ahead of the scheduled meeting. To help you overcome the jitters, here is a look at some of the things you need to remember when preparing for an online fertility consultation.

Look for the welcome mailer

Once you register for a virtual consultation with a service provider will receive a welcome email with your login credentials and necessary appointment details. It should also contain instructions on accessing the patient portal, resetting your password, and details on other important features.

Keep a pre-consultation checklist handy

You can do certain things before your consultation to ease the process. If there are any prerequisites or tests, you should complete them at least seven days before the scheduled consultation to avoid any last-minute hassles.

  • Confirm that your appointment has been scheduled correctly.
  • If you need to undergo a medical evaluation, make sure you have completed it as instructed.
  • Upload the required document proofs. This could include a government photo ID, address proof, and insurance card copies.
  • Sometimes, you may be asked to provide fertility-related test results for the service provider to review. This helps the consulting doctor understand your condition for better diagnosis and treatment.
  • Make sure your mobile device does not have call-blocking features enabled. These often prevent service providers from contacting you about urgent matters.

Familiarise yourself with treatment options

Having an idea of the various fertility treatment options available to you can be helpful so that you don’t feel lost during the consultation. In-vitro fertilisation (IVF), sperm extraction, and ovulation induction are some of the common treatments provided by the leading fertility clinics.

Do some brainstorming

If you have questions about the various treatment options before the consultation, you should note them. This way, you can focus on the consultation session and the instructions provided without fearing that you will forget the questions by the time the session ends. While most service providers will be willing to answer your questions anytime, the dedicated session is the best moment to resolve most queries.

What Happens During The Initial Consultation?

Once the consultation starts, the online fertility doctor will discuss your test results, medical records, and fertility history. Feel free to open as many questions as you want and spell out your expectations from the session. This will also allow the consulting doctor to recommend an appropriate course of action based on your requirements and preferences.

Sometimes, your consultant may advise you to undergo certain diagnostic tests before proceeding with a treatment plan. You may be provided with the necessary recommendations for getting the tests done, or if the service provider has an in-house testing facility, they may ask you to visit for the process.

Steps To Follow After the Consultation

The subsequent steps after the initial online consultation will depend on whether you are ready to proceed with further treatment. You can make a decision immediately or hold off for some time before making a final decision.

Schedule an Online Consultation at the Best IVF Clinic in Bangalore

Getting an in-person appointment with leading doctors is not always easy – in some cases, the waiting period can run into months! However, online consultation facilities allow you to easily book an appointment with the best fertility specialist in Bangalore from reputed clinics such as Samrudh. This will enable you to benefit from a consultation with leading doctors without worrying about finding a suitable appointment schedule.

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