Players of Overwatch 2 May Now Combine Accounts to Obtain Their Previous Gear

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Overwatch 2 May Now Combine Accounts

You may now combine your Overwatch accounts to share achievements and cosmetics in-game.

The creators of Overwatch 2 are educating us on how to make the most of the game’s advancement system ahead of its October 4th release.

Starting today, if you play Overwatch on several platforms, you will be able to combine your various accounts and share all of your in-game cosmetics and progress toward the next battle pass-like system. The FAQ and step-by-step instructions are available here.

You can only combine one account, so make sure you select the right one if you have multiple accounts on the same console (for all those Roadhog boyfriend / Junkrat gf homes, etc.). The FAQ states that while you may unlink a console account from your account, adding a new console account will not be possible for a full year.

The original Overwatch game is going through some significant adjustments in preparation for Overwatch 2. The game’s loot boxes will be formally ended on August 30th, following the conclusion of the Overwatch Remix Vol. 3 event. They will no longer be for sale, but you will still be able to obtain them as prizes from the numerous tasks in the game before OW2 launches. Furthermore, the contents of any treasure boxes that remain unopened will be automatically added to your account. Surprise! If you wake up one day and discover a ton of new cosmetics in your bank, Blizzard hasn’t disclosed when this will happen. Both Overwatch credits and Overwatch League tokens, which were used to purchase skins exclusive to Overwatch League, will carry over to Overwatch 2. However, in the case of the tokens, they will be gradually replaced by an unidentified virtual currency.

Before the game merges and becomes Overwatch 2, which is set to happen on October 4, there is still time to enjoy some classic Overwatch. Regrettably, as we approach the last months before release, there won’t be a third beta. Watching some Overwatch League will at least give you a general notion of what the game will look like if you missed those betas.

Combine accounts from Overwatch 2 and establish cross-progression

All of your hard-earned Overwatch progress is yours to keep and carry with you. Despite Overwatch 2’s release being a few days ago, it appears that some users are still attempting to combine their accounts. Nobody wants to lose their progress from the original game, after all!

It seems sense that you would want to transfer all of your previous account information to the new game if you’ve spent years gathering skins and other stuff.

Additionally, connecting your accounts will allow you to retain all of your things and aimbot for overwatch in one location and enable cross-progression if you’re playing on many different platforms or consoles.

What more should you know about the merging procedure and how to link your Overwatch 2 accounts? We’ll fill you in on all that as you read on.

How to connect accounts in Overwatch 2

You must combine your Overwatch accounts with accounts in order to transfer over your Overwatch progress and activate cross-progression. In any case, you must register a account if you don’t already have one in order to play Overwatch 2 on all platforms.

Console gamers might need to create an account, while PC players will likely already be using a account. By taking these easy steps, you can link your Overwatch account to a account:

To merge multiple Overwatch accounts, go to the Account settings (see below).

1. Log in to Overwatch on the console (make sure this is the account you want to merge).

2. Use your mobile device to scan the on-screen QR code.

3. Enter the code displayed on your console to connect or create a account.

  • After you authenticate your console account the next time you log into Overwatch, the merging will be finished.
  • If you are combining various platforms, it can be simpler to accomplish this on a PC if you already have a account. This may be accomplished using this technique.
  • Open, pick ‘My Account’ by clicking your account name at the top of the page.
  • Choose ‘Connections’ to add an Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo account.
  • Add as many accounts as you like; log into Overwatch and choose ‘Account Merge’ from the main menu.
  • Verify that the console accounts you see on your screen are the right ones and that you want to merge them. You’ll quickly merge your accounts if you follow the on-screen instructions!

Remember that you can only combine accounts once, so be sure to combine the appropriate platforms and accounts. It is possible to combine just one account per platform, meaning you can’t combine accounts from Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, or any other platform.

The console account that is linked to your ID can be unlinked or switched at a later time, but keep in mind that you will have to wait a year to be able to switch linked accounts once more.

If you have any difficult queries, especially if you have numerous Overwatch accounts across different platforms, the Overwatch website features a comprehensive FAQ section.

Cross-progression and Account Merging in Overwatch 2

All of your achievements and unlocks will be consolidated and saved on your account when your accounts have been combined. Credits, tokens, competition points, statistics, and presets are all included in this.

Additionally, you will have activated cross-progression (which should not be confused with cross-play in Overwatch 2), which means that your progress will be preserved across all platforms as long as it is connected to your account.

There are, however, a few minor restrictions: Overwatch 2 accomplishments and trophies will be combined on your account but will not be instantly unlocked on other platforms, and Overwatch League Tokens acquired on the Nintendo Switch cannot be merged and will remain exclusively on the Switch.

When combining several accounts, cumulative stats will be aggregated and the highest rank and greatest value stats will be applied.

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