Take Charge of Your Pool Purchase and Feel Proud: Here’s How!

Zafar Jutt

Take Charge of Your Pool Purchase and Feel Proud: Here's How!

Securing a pool for your backyard is an aspiring goal for homeowners seeking a personal oasis. Beyond splashing on steamy days, pools promote quality time with family and friends; however, attaining a pool sparkles with complexity. This guide illuminates a path through the pool-buying journey and how to find the perfect pool builder.   

Choose A Pool Type

  • Above-Ground Pools: Budget-conscious families can plunge into these wallet-friendly, swiftly installed options. Contemporary above-ground designs integrate stylish aesthetics and handy features like decking and landscaping to maximise form and function.  
  • In-Ground Pools: Constructing these permanent pools requires significant effort yet noticeably boosts property value. Concrete, fibreglass, or vinyl liner materials shape distinctive designs. In-ground pools allow extensive customisations like waterfalls, slides and lights for a personalised aquatic experience.
  • Semi-Inground Pools: Nestled partially below ground, these pools blend cost savings with a built-in look. Their curved walls and partial submersion create a natural, flowing shape. Semi-inground pools offer flexible positioning within a landscape.

Choose The Right Material

When selecting your pool’s material, durability, maintenance needs, and aesthetics should be weighed. Here are common building materials: 

  • Concrete

Concrete is highly sturdy and customisable. It can be moulded to fit any backyard and has various textures/colours. It can also have tanning shelves, swim-up bars, and mosaic tiles.  

  • Fibreglass

Fibreglass is pre-fabbed in assorted shapes/sizes. It is fast to install and requires less maintenance than concrete. The smooth, non-porous surface prevents algae and is easier to clean.  

  • Vinyl Liner

It is a flexible liner over a metal or plastic frame. It is budget-friendly and available in many sizes/shapes. The liner patterns are customisable but need replacement every 7-10 years. It is often the most affordable in-ground option.

Plan You Budget

Figuring out what you can afford is vital to getting a pool. Prices for the above-ground models can be just a few grand, but custom in-ground builds can hit tens of thousands. And if you want any extras – lighting, heating, covers, decking, etc.  – those bump up the pricing but can improve the experience.

Select A Reputable Contractor

Choosing the contractor is vast for how the installation goes, and  here’s how to find a good one:

Do Some Research

Research online for ones with great reviews and ratings. Ask friends for recommendations, too. Check sites like the Better Business Bureau for any issues or good reports. 

They Need To Have Experience

Make sure they have experience with your type of pool build. Find specialists with proven track records on similar projects.

Check Their Portfolio

Have them show you examples of their past work. Their varied portfolios will give you a sense of their versatility and quality.

Design Your Pool Area

Aside from the pool, think about the whole backyard when designing this area. Consider things like:


Wood, concrete tile – whatever material you use, make sure it’s not slippery and works with the vibe you’re going for. The deck ties the whole space together.


Low-maintenance greenery can make the area pop while giving you privacy. Choose plants that don’t need much water.


Invest in good outdoor furniture that withstands sun, rain, etc. Quality chaises, tables, etc., turn the pool into a backyard oasis.


Underwater or path lighting makes the area gorgeous day and night, improving safety and security.

Understanding Maintenance And Safety

When you own a pool, you’ve got to keep up with cleaning and safety:

  • Regular maintenance is critical—skim the surface, vacuum the floor, and clean the filter.
  • Safety First: Put up a fence around the pool, and get a cover and some alarms if you have little kids or pets running around. Covers help keep the water warm and reduce the amount that evaporates.

Enjoy Your New Hangout Spot

Pools are fantastic for bringing family and friends together. Plan regular pool days or nights with loved ones to get the most out of your new backyard oasis. Make your pool area a peaceful little getaway. Add cosy seats, soothing water features like mini waterfalls, and soft lighting. It’ll become your sanctuary to decompress after stressful days.

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