The Best 8 Voice Changer for PC and Online

Shahzad Masood

Voice Changer for PC

Looking for the best voice changer for gaming, livestream, or live calls? There are two main changers that you will find on the internet which are online or pc program-based. The online voice changer allows users to change their voice without installing any program. On the other hand, the PC-based voice changers have to be installed on the system. By installing a voice changer on a PC you get advantages such as more features like changing voice in real time on other installed programs such as games. This article will guide you on the best voice changers for PC or online. 

Part 1. The Best Voice Changer for PC

HitPaw Voice Changer

HitPaw Voice Changer is one of the most advanced voice changers for PC and Mac. It features cutting edge AI that allows users to enjoy over 500 voice effects of popular celebrities. The library continuously expands as new voices are added every month. Apart from changing voice Hitapaw also allows users to create custom AI background music. It also comes with a soundboard for livestreaming platforms such as Twitch, Discord, YouTube and many others. Lets take at lookat some of its features. 

key features

Free to use: You can download and use the software without paying anything. There might be limitations in the free version compared to paid plans, but it allows you to try out the basic features.

Personalize the voice changer for the PC: Users can set hotkeys on their keyboards to switch to different voices fast during live streams, gaming, or live calls.

Real time voice changer: The best thing about Hitpaw is that you can change your voice in real time. It does all this while utilizing minimalcpu resources

Very beginner-friendly: Hitpaw Voice Changer is designed to be easy to use, even for people with no prior experience with audio editing software.

Various voice characters: It comes with a huge library of character voices from artists, to actors that is continuously updated with more every month. 

Other voice changers for PC



MorphVox is a well-regarded voice changer known for its user-friendly interface and vast library of voice modification options. Perfect for beginners and experienced users alike, MorphVox offers a variety of pre-programmed voices that can instantly transform your voice into a robot, alien, or even make you sound like the opposite gender.


Preset voices: MorphVox offers a wide range of pre-programmed voices like robot, alien, and male-to-female.

Voice creation tools: Allows you to fine-tune existing presets or create custom voices by adjusting pitch, formant (resonance), and effects.

Soundboard: This lets you add sound effects to your voice alongside the voice modification.



Voicemeeter is more than just a voice changer; it’s a powerful audio mixing application with built-in voice manipulation capabilities. It provides extensive control over your computer’s audio inputs and outputs, allowing you to mix and manipulate sounds from your microphone, games, and other applications with incredible precision.


Advanced audio routing: Offers extensive control over your computer’s audio inputs and outputs, allowing you to mix and manipulate multiple audio sources.

Voice effects: Provides basic voice modification features like pitch shifting and EQ. (Equalization – adjusting different frequency ranges)

VST support: Lets you integrate additional virtual instruments or effects plugins (VST) for more advanced voice manipulation (Requires additional software purchase).



MagicMic is a user-friendly voice changer designed specifically for streamers and content creators who want to add excitement and entertainment to their broadcasts.  Streamlining the process for live voice modification, MagicMic offers a variety of voice filters and effects that can be applied in real time while you’re streaming or recording.


Real-time voice effects: Offers a variety of voice filters and effects that can be applied live while streaming or recording.

Voice library: Provides access to a collection of pre-recorded voices and sound effects.

Voice morphing: Allows you to blend your voice with different characters or sound effects for unique audio combinations.



Clownfish offers a basic set of voice modification tools that can still add a fun element to your audio projects. It allows you to adjust the pitch of your voice to sound higher or lower, and add echo effects for a more dramatic touch. Clownfish also comes with a basic voice recording function, so you can capture your voice with the applied effects and share it with others.


Voice effects: Offers voice modification options like pitch shifting and echo.

Voice recording: This allows you to record your voice with the applied effects.

Customization options: While limited, it lets you adjust some parameters of the voice effects.

Part 2. The Best Voice Changer for Online is a free online tool that lets you modify your voice recordings. You can use it to change the pitch of your voice, making it sound higher or deeper, or add effects like making it sound like a child, robot, or even Donald Duck. It’s a simple tool for having fun with your voice or potentially anonymizing it for short recordings. Online Voice Changer offers an online voice changer that utilizes AI technology. You can upload audio or video files and modify the voices within them. This tool allows for pitch adjustments, potentially creating subtler or more dramatic vocal transformations. There’s also the option to explore various voice effects.



Murf.Ai steps beyond basic voice changing, offering an AI-powered text-to-speech experience. Instead of modifying existing recordings, you provide your script and Murf.Ai generates a voiceover from scratch. With a library of diverse voices in multiple languages and accents, you can pick the perfect tone to match your project.


You can change your voice to sound like your favorite movie character, artist, or celebrity. To achieve this you need a voice changer for PC or one that is online based. Each of these two options has its own advantages. If you are looking for the best voice changer for PC then you need to try HitPaw. It’s easy to use, affordable and contains one of the most realistic voices on the market. 


Can I make my voice sound like a girl?

Yes, You can make your voice sound like a girl using a voice changer for PC and online. Some voices are preset by cloning the voices of popular celebrities. While others are AI-generated from training made from many different voices.

What makes a girl’s voice?

A girl’s voice is characterized by higher pitch, smoother intonation, and softer articulation compared to a masculine voice. It often involves speaking with a more melodious tone and using a wider vocal range, reflecting societal perceptions of femininity in speech patterns.

Can a guy fake a girl’s voice?

It’s very easy to fake a girl’s voice as a guy. All you need is a voice changer with a realistic voice. Most of the platforms have a huge library with different girl voices that you can choose from

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