What Is the Use of Image Resizing and Compression?

Shahzad Masood

What Is the Use of Image Resizing and Compression

Bring your images to a professional level by opting for the resizing or the compression option. It makes your images look worth uploading. Moreover, it saves you from spending too much time on selecting each picture separately and then editing it one by one. You can use any editing tool to make your image look flawless. All you need to do is open the tool and upload all the images in bulk. You will get your desired images within seconds. Isn’t this amazing?

Thus, don’t stress yourself out because of the images that look unprofessional. The multiple image resizing tools are here to help you out. You can easily bulk resize photos or compress the images with the help of these effective tools like bulkimageresizer. It is one of the finest editing tools that is user-friendly best for resizing, compression and conversion of your images to different formats. Moreover, it ensures the safety of your images by granting its access to no one except you.

Uses of Image Resizing

Before going into the details of image resizing, you must be aware of the precise definition of it, and for what purposes it is used. Image resizing allows you to change the dimensions and size of your image without cropping it. It can make your image large or small by adjusting the image pixels as per the requirement. If you need to reduce the size of your image, the unnecessary pixels will be discarded. On the other hand, if you want to increase your image size, extra pixels are added. But enlarging the image by adding pixels results in making your image blurry and pixelated. Image resizing has been used for multi-purposes for a long time. Some of its important uses are.


Images play an important role in blogging. It makes your blog post more appealing and professional. But uploading an image large or smaller than the required size makes your blog look unprofessional and poor. You can now resize your images that perfectly suits the Content Management System (CMS) recommended size within seconds.

Sharing Data

Nowadays, almost everyone uses email for sharing images, and documents all around the world. Some email servers have set a limit for the size of sharing files. That is where image resizing comes in. You must reduce your file size before sending it through email.

Social Media Posts

We are living in the social media era. Everyone uses different platforms for various purposes like fun, blogging, business, education, and so on. Moreover, every social media platform has different required sizes for images. You can use an image resizer to make your images perfect for the social media post.

Uses of Image Compression

Like resizing images, a bulk image compressor is also used to reduce the file size but the thing that makes it distinct is that it reduces the image size without compromising its quality. It can either be lossy compression which means your image size is reduced by deleting some information permanently or lossless compression meaning reducing the size without discarding any information. Lossy compression is most commonly used for web images as the major concern of web images is the fast loading time, no matter if it results in deleting some information permanently. On the other hand, lossless compression is used in medical images, graphic images, or any other image with important details. Image compression is used for various purposes.


Image compression is used to decrease the size of images for websites. Images larger in size make your website’s loading time slow and result in a bad user experience. Thus, you can make your website loading time faster with the help of image compression. It decreases the image size without compromising the quality which results in engaging more customers to your website and ranking it on top.

Product Photo

Image compressor is used for e-commerce photography. Large size images not only impacts the web page load time, but also the user-experience. Thus, using image compression can help in making your product image and website look impressive, professional, and in perfect size.

Search Engine Optimization

The best way to improve search engine optimization is by making your website load faster so that the users visiting your website can have a better experience. It leads to engaging customers and generating more leads. For this purpose, all you need to do is reduce the size of images and ensure their high quality. Image compression can do this for you.

Final Note

Image resizing and compression both play a very important role in today’s digital world. It helps in making your images look perfect and professional. This article has already explained its major uses that help in boosting your business as well. Moreover, I recommend you to visit bulkimageresizer for fast, convenient, high quality images, and seamless editing of multiple images in one go.

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