Unveiling the Art of Crafting a Book Report: A Guide to Writing Your Own

Shahzad Masood

writing a book report

The thought of writing a book report may sound scary to you, but in reality, it’s not so. Writing it is very similar to writing the summary of a book, but it also contains a lot more details. It explains the plot of the story, the characters and the theme. You need to read all the chapters in detail and write about it. People mostly read a book report in order to decide whether they want or go through the book or not. Your report should be easy-to-read, but also you need to make it very engrossing, or else the reader might stop reading it. You may write the piece yourself or you may get it done by professionals.

Getting Professional Help

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Writing It Yourself

The most important thing that you need to do in order to write a book report is to read the book thoroughly. Do not leave out any detail. If possible, give it a read more than once so that you know everything in great detail. Then it will not be difficult for you to write a report about it.

A book report, like other essays, has three parts to it – an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction marks the beginning to your report. You need to make it very interesting so that the person reading the report would want to know more about the book and read through the rest of your writing. In the body of the report you need to write about the summary of the book, along with details about characters and events.

Book Report Writing Prep

1. Read the Book

This is the first thing that needs to be done. Read the book properly, if required, more than once. You need to understand the plot progression and character development, so that you can write about it.

2. Take Notes

When you are reading the book, jot down the important points, names of characters, events, etc. Copy important quotes. Using these in your report will make it more interesting to read through.

3. Highlight

If you feel that you cannot copy down everything but instead want to mark sections in your book, you can also do that. Highlight important sections and quotes using coloured markers.

4. Draft

First, create a rough draft of the report. See whether you have included everything that you wanted to. Do not miss out on important points. Also check whether you have exceeded the specified word limit or not.

What to Include in a Book Report?

1. Name of Book and Author

The first thing that you have to write is the name of the Book, the full name of the Author and the number of pages it consists of. You should also add the date of publication and the name of the company which published the book.

2. Major Characters and Their Importance

Any story is based around a certain group of characters. It can be a single character, a duo, or more than that. You need to write about the characters. Describe them in detail – their features, their characteristics, everything about them. Why are they important in the book? How do they contribute to the development of the plot? Also, mention the names of the major characters.

3. Events that Took Place

The next thing that you need to include in your report is the events mentioned in the book. What do you think are the main events? Why do you think they are important? The event that you will be writing about could be a very simple one or a complex one. But it should someone help in plot advancement.

4. Time and Place

You also need to write about the setting of the book. Does the writer clearly mention the location of the time period the story was set it? Or does it mention it very vaguely? Knowing the location helps you to understand the lives of the main characters better.

5. Plot

The plot is how the story progresses from one event to another. You need to write about how the story moves forward, and how it affects the life of the characters. How good a plot is depends on how smoothly the story progresses from one event to another.

6. Genre

What kind of book do you think this is? Should it be classified as a thriller, a comedy, or something else? Is it a novel or a drama? You should also write about why this book belongs to that particular genre.

7. Your Analysis

Analyse the characters, the theme, the plot. What are your views regarding them? Explain them in detail. You should refer to the text from time to time, while writing down your views.


While writing about your analysis, include quotes from the book. You can also use quotes in other sections of your writing, as and when you feel necessary. Just make sure that you mark the quotes.

Some Important Tips

  • The name of the book and the author should be mentioned in the title of your book report.
  • In the conclusion of your report, summarize the key points of your report. You can also include a small personal feedback about whether you like the book or not.
  • If you teacher has provided you with some guidelines, follow them very diligently.

To Wrap It Up, Study the book on which you are writing the report very thoroughly. Remember that the introduction to the Book Report needs to be intriguing, so that the reader is interested to go through the whole article. Write about the characters, the setting, the location, what events take place and how the story progresses. Do not forget to mention the name of the book and the full name of the author.

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