9 Ways to Change Your Masturbation

Shahzad Masood

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Do you think that masturbation is boring recently, or do you want to try some new ways to make sex life more interesting?

Whatever the reason, sex brings us many benefits, whether it is for physical health, or simply for pleasure, or to explore your body, masturbation is a good way.

Sex toys can greatly enhance the masturbation experience. There are a variety of sex toys for you to choose from on the inyarose online store, and you can also buy sex gifts for your partner.

What benefits can masturbation bring us?

The simplest and most direct thing that masturbation can give us is to make us feel happy and relaxed. And orgasm is good for our health, it can help us fall asleep faster, have better sleep quality, and relax our body and mind to relieve stress. Moreover, it can also reduce the risk of certain diseases.

1. Create a sexy atmosphere

Creating a sexy atmosphere can not only enhance sexual desire, make yourself more immersed and increase sexual fantasies. The most basic way to create a sexy atmosphere is to have a clean and tidy bedroom. Then bedding is our main concern. Having comfortable and clean bedding can give us a pleasant feeling.

You can also use some small sexy objects to increase the atmosphere of the room. For example, good-smelling scented candles, atmosphere lights, and playing sexy music to increase the sexy atmosphere.

2. Watch pornography

Watching pornography is a very direct way to quickly ignite sexual desire, explore sexual fantasies and get the body into the state faster. This is also the reason why many people watch pornography while masturbating. Not only pornography, but also pornographic audio, pornographic movies or pornographic books, etc., choose according to your preferences.

3. Try to change sexual positions and scenes

If you are bored and lack interest in familiar positions, you can try to change your habitual sexual positions and try different feelings and stimulations brought by different positions, such as sitting on a chair, squatting, or from behind. If you lack inspiration for this, you can try to watch pornography to find inspiration and positions that match your sexual fantasies.

Changing scenes can also bring new excitement and freshness. Try to stay away from the bed or set up a sexy space to satisfy your different sexual fantasies.

4. Explore sensitive areas

Don’t take orgasm as the only goal, pay attention to your body and explore the sexy areas of various parts of the body. You can also use it as foreplay to excite your body and get into the state faster. For example, nipples, breasts, inner thighs, and genital areas, feel the different types of touch and stimulation that bring different feelings, and find ways to make yourself more pleasant.

5. Shower sex

Try shower sex is the most convenient. If you are worried that your moans will affect your roommates, then the bathroom is a good choice, and you don’t have to worry about dirtying the bedding. Washing the body has also become very convenient. You can also try using sex toys in the shower. Remember to choose waterproof sex toys to prevent damage to sex toys.

And in the bathroom, you can try new postures or techniques more boldly. The sound of water will cover up the sound of masturbation.

6. Try sex toys

Sex toys are undoubtedly the most effective tool to change masturbation, which can improve your sexual experience to a higher level. Vibrators are the most mainstream products of sex toys because they can achieve benefits such as saving energy and freeing your hands.

And most women cannot reach orgasm through penetrative sex, so it is necessary to invest in a clitoral vibrator at this time. Whether masturbating or with a partner, sex toys are a great tool to help you get better orgasms, increase the number of orgasms, and help your body enter a state of sexual arousal faster.

7. Use lubricants

Lubricants can greatly enhance the sexual experience, but they are often overlooked. Lubricants can not only reduce the discomfort caused by friction and provide a smoother experience, but also increase stimulation and make the experience more pleasant. Apply lubricants to the inya the rose to increase the vacuum time and bring more intense stimulation and feelings.

If you don’t know what type of lubricant to choose, water-based lubricants are your best choice. It can be used in most sexual scenarios and is easy to clean.

8. Edge

Edge play is to stimulate yourself to the edge of orgasm, pause before orgasm, and then stimulate to reach it, repeat several times, and achieve a more intense orgasm. However, edge play is a game that requires repeated practice to be well controlled. So if you don’t have good control at the beginning, don’t feel discouraged. And edge play helps to increase the duration of sex and give you a better orgasm experience.

9. Mutual masturbation

If you are tired of missionary or familiar sex, why not try mutual masturbation? This is an act that brings freshness and enhances intimacy with each other. Is there anything sexier than watching your partner touch and stimulate his or her body? Moreover, mutual masturbation can not only bring visual and auditory enjoyment, but also allow you to better observe how your partner likes to masturbate.


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