How to have a good shower sex?

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In pornographic works, shower sex is always so hot and wonderful, but it is often not so easy to achieve in reality. You will find that shower sex requires a lot of skills. People are very keen on pursuing shower sex skills. Next, I will introduce some skills needed for shower sex. If you want to know more about sex-related knowledge and sex toys, you can check out the inyarose online store, which can meet your various needs.

Why is shower sex so attractive?

Shower sex can ensure a certain degree of privacy. If you are worried that your moans will affect your roommates, then shower sex will be a good choice, because the sound of water can well cover the sound made during sex, and you can also play music to achieve better results.

Shower sex can make cleaning more convenient, more hygienic and safer. At the same time, water will also give people good associations and feelings, and it is more convenient in the bathroom for post-cleaning and sex care. For example, take a bath together, massage each other, etc.

How to have a better shower sex experience?

Create an atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere can have a better feeling, enhance desire and enjoy sex more immersively. You can light scented candles and play sexy music. Because the floor is slippery and bath foam is added, it is easier to slip and may cause injury. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, you can lay a non-slip mat on the floor of the bathroom. And choose something firm to grip, which can protect yourself and reduce the probability of slipping.

Take it slow

Wash each other’s body, enjoy the fragrance of shower gel, apply foam on your partner’s body, and massage each other. Carefully cleaning each other’s body is very sexy and can make each other healthier. In the process of scrubbing your partner, tease your partner to explore your partner’s sensitive areas. Using this as a foreplay for shower sex is not only a kind of fun, but also adds freshness and excitement.

Sexual fantasy

Bathroom sex is a scene that meets the sexual fantasies of many people, so combining shower sex with sexual fantasy can have a better sexual experience, which can be achieved through pornographic audio, setting pornographic storylines, and role-playing.

Pornographic audio

Pornographic audio can increase excitement and sexual tension very well, allowing the body to enter a better state. At the same time, pornographic audio can trigger associations very well, and can assist in exploring sexual fantasies and dirty words, and enhance sensory experience.

Try new positions

Having sex in the bathroom, away from the familiar bed, will increase the desire to explore more, and unfamiliar scenes always make people more excited and nervous. If you want to try standing sex, make sure you must hold on to a stable object to ensure that you will not slip and cause more serious consequences. Of course, there are safer but equally interesting sexual behaviors, such as oral sex, mutual masturbation or other sex games. After all, ensuring your own safety is the most important thing.

Using sex toys

Using sex toys can greatly improve the sexual experience and get more pleasure. And nowadays, there are many choices and types of sex toys to meet different needs. Now there are also many choices of waterproof sex toys, which can be played happily even in the shower. Whether you have a partner or not, sex toys can bring you a pleasant experience. If the dazzling array of sex toys makes you dazzled, then I recommend this love honey rose to you, which not only has a beautiful rose shape design, but also has dual stimulation of vibration and sucking. IPX7 waterproof, you can also have fun playing in the shower.

Using lubricant

Lubricant is a good item to enhance the sexual experience, which can reduce the discomfort caused by friction and bring a smoother and more pleasant experience. The choice of lubricant for shower sex is very important.

Water-based lubricants are suitable for most sex scenes, but they are easily washed away by water. Oil-based and silicone-based lubricants can maintain smoothness for a longer time, but if you want to use silicone sex toys, avoid silicone-based lubricants, which will damage the material of sex toys. And if you want to use latex condoms, avoid using oil-based lubricants, which will damage the material of condoms and cause rupture. Therefore, there is no perfect lubricant. Understanding your needs can better help you choose the type of lubricant.

How can you make yourself feel more pleasant in the bathroom without a partner?

You can try to use a shower head to masturbate, by changing the size, pressure, and position of the water flow to stimulate sensitive parts of the body to achieve different stimulation and experience. Try different ways and angles to better find a way to make yourself happy. You can also change the water temperature from warm water to hot water to cold water, and slowly adjust the temperature to avoid extreme temperatures from hurting yourself.


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