Guide to Self-exclusion From Online Casinos



As is now known, best online casino games are safe, reliable and put the well-being of the players first. Responsible gaming therefore takes on particular importance and this is why, if necessary, the possibility of resorting to a period of self-exclusion from the best online casino sites has been introduced.

In fact, players are allowed to fill out an online form that allows them to request self-exclusion. This form can be found both on the GAMSTOP portal and on the various online gaming platforms.

In this case it is a Temporary self-exclusion, but there is also the option to self-exclude from a single gaming operator.

Self-exclusion is aimed primarily at those who begin to realize that they are developing an obsessive gambling disorder and therefore want to stop gambling.

In this regard, however, it is essential to specify that you can opt for both temporary exclusion and permanent or indefinite self-exclusion.

In the first case the timing varies based on the online casino taken into consideration.

In some casinos the options are one, two or three months; in others, however, the limits set can be 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week and so on.

In the second case, self-exclusion does not have a deadline, but can still be revoked at the player’s request after at least 6 months from activation.

Following the self-exclusion request, it will not be possible to open new gaming accounts and it will not be necessary to close the account belonging to us.

Activating this function is very simple, as you just need to go to your gaming account and deactivate it.

Consequences of Self-exclusion From Non GamStop Casinos

Excluding yourself from the game entails different consequences depending on the type of exclusion chosen.

Suspension By a Single Operator:

  • It is not possible to deposit into your gaming account;
  • It is not possible to take advantage of bonuses or bet real money in each of the individual games;
  • It is possible to withdraw the money from your gaming account (sometimes even by going to the appropriate points of sale);
  • No emails regarding periodic Casino promotions will be received.

Temporary Self-exclusion:

Although it is possible to withdraw money from your gaming account, it is not permitted to play with real money ;

It is not permitted to play with virtual money, i.e. take advantage of no deposit bonuses , free spins, and the like;

It is not permitted to activate a new account on any of the online gaming platforms;

No emails will be sent about periodic promotions.

Revoke GamStop Self-Exclusion

It is possible to request GAMSTOP self-exclusion revocation, but not before at least 6 months have passed.

The reason for these times is to prevent players from relapsing and efforts to distance themselves from the game from being wasted.

In order to remove the “GamStop self-exclusion”, the first thing to do is to contact the support service of your trusted online casino. Then you need to identify yourself with the username used when opening the gaming account and then follow the instructions given to you.

In the case of self-exclusion from a single operator, once the account has been reactivated on that platform, you can return to playing with peace of mind.

As regards Temporary self-exclusion, however, a specific procedure must be carried out in order to return to playing on all GAMSTOP Online Casino sites.

Responsible Gambling

Self-exclusion is certainly a step forward for those who view the game obsessively, but it’s not the only tool players can make use of.

In fact, there are also so-called gaming limits , i.e. deposit, betting and loss limits, which never allow you to go beyond a certain money threshold.

Self-Exclusion in Some of the Best Non GamStop Casinos

  • STARCASINÒ SELF-EXCLUSION : it is possible to self-exclude yourself for 30, 60 and 90 days or for an indefinite period . As far as revocation is concerned, however, you simply have to wait for the self-exclusion period to expire.
  • STARVEGAS SELF-EXCLUSION : self-exclusion can be ordered for 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month or for an indefinite period and, to revoke it, simply follow the procedure described above.
  • LEOVEGAS SELF-EXCLUSION : with Leovegas it is possible to self-exclude for a day or a week . Or register in the single register of self-excluded people and proceed with an exclusion lasting 30, 60, 90 days or for an indefinite period.

The game must be a pleasant and positive experience, which is why it should never be abused. If you start to experience problems related to gambling addiction, don’t hesitate to talk to friends or family and ask for help.

Always remember to play responsibly!

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