The Pawfect Move: Pet Relocation and Nutrition in Dubai

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Pet Relocation

Over the last few decades, the expat population in Dubai has been on a surge due to which this city has become renowned as one of the most pet-friendly cities in the Middle East. We’re all aware of how hectic it can get when you’re settling in a new place with your fur babies – more so without the right guidance. If you too, like many across the world, are planning to move to Dubai with your precious pet child, we highly recommend getting a professional pet relocation Dubai to make it simple for you. Not only do they simplify your move and make it hassle-free, but they also know the exact pet relocation laws and regulations based on the country, the right practices, coping mechanisms, crate-training techniques, nutrition requirements and much more. This is simply why pet relocations in Dubai, are making it very simple for pet moms and dads to move with their fur babies. 

Above all, we all are aware of the role that food and nutrition play – but do we know the micros and macros of the precise nutritional requirements of our own pets? Apt nutrition based on the environment is playing a pivotal role in the growth, wellness, and overall wellbeing of our fur children. It strengthens their immune system, and contributes to their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Just like it is for us – relocation is a big deal for our pets, causing them stress, anxiety, and apprehension. Equipping with pet relocation Abu Dhabi ensures that both, pet parents and fur babies are in good, experienced hands. 

Begin by decoding the ABCs of pet nutrition

A balanced diet is a fundamental requirement for pets, just as it is for us. The right amount of macronutrients and micronutrients in their meals is essential. As responsible pet parents and during pet relocations in Dubai, one must prioritise understanding the differences in the nutritional requirements of their pets. As most of our dogs are energetic, they’re most satiated with meals that consist of chicken, steak and fish due to their protein-rich content. Similarly, for cats, as obligate carnivore nature, there is always a high requirement for lipids and proteins. Along with all these, it is important to remember to provide them with round-the-clock access to clean and fresh water. Most of the cats are normally poor drinkers, hence it is crucial to ensure that they remain hydrated. This problem can be addressed by the inclusion of wet food in their diet. 

Healthy bites for happy tales

Pet foods often have labels and information about the ingredients – which should be carefully read and mindfully applied. Avoiding soy and corn fillers is crucial, along with seeking assistance from a licenced healthcare provider is essential to understand the do and don’ts. They assess several important aspects such as their biomarkers based on breed and age, according to which they recommend the most suitable diet for them. 

Finding the purr-fect balance

The transition to their new diet must be gradual. In the beginning, it is always better to mix a small portion of their new diet with the old one in order for them to embrace this change better. It is recommended to completely transition from the old diet slowly with the new one within a span of a week. 

During relocation, most of the pets are found to be sensitive to changing environment and climatic conditions, which also impacts their digestion. Pet relocation in Dubai offers a hassle-free transition, by guiding pet parents what to feed them prior to their move, during, and after, too. Pet relocation Dubai and pet relocation Abu Dhabi excel in providing the best solutions for your pet’s overall well-being and dietary requirements, ensuring their emotional, physical, and mental well-being during their move. 

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