Top 10 Advantages of Using CapCut Desktop Video Editor

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Do you know how editing videos on CapCut Desktop Video Editor benefits you incredibly? It not only offers you expert video editing tools but also makes video editing easier and professional. In addition, this great desktop video editing software doesn’t require any professional skills to create impressive videos. Instead, you can easily create dramatic videos on this editor along with enjoying the following advantages. 

Advantages of Using CapCut Desktop Video Editor

CapCut Desktop video editor brings a great number of advantages that make video editing easier and more enjoyable. Do you want to know what are these advantages that CapCut Desktop Video Editor brings to you? Here is a sneak peek of it. 

  1. Advanced Video Editing Features for a Professional Look

Similarly, this editor also brings a variety of advanced video editing features to create a professional look. All you need is to decide which advanced tool you want to use and click on it to use it. For example, you can use speed curves or transcript-based editing to make your videos look professional and catchy. 

  1. AI Tools Simplify Workflow

The Desktop Video Editor by CapCut brings AI tools to simplify workflow for you. For example, you can create impressive text effects and captions for your videos with AI here. Similarly, you can add/remove the background, use voice changer, or cut out a part of your video using AI tools. It also includes a variety of AI-generated stickers that you can add to your videos for free. 

  1. Basic Video Editing Tools

Basic video editing tools are a must to fine-tune the videos by eliminating prominent defects/issues. For example, you can trim or split your videos on this desktop video to remove its dull parts. Similarly, you can use the resize button to adjust your video to the desired resolution, etc. 

  1. Free Media Resources

In addition, it benefits you in terms of a vast variety of free media resources for videos. There are hundreds of free video templates for every domain that you can use in your videos. Simply search and choose a video template from the library and import it to the editor to use it. 

  1. Wide Support for Multiple Formats

In contrast to other editors, here you can enjoy wide support for multiple formats. You can easily import here videos with different extensions. Moreover, you can also custom export them to your PC in a number of formats. 

  1. Free Social Media Sharing

Another great advantage of using this desktop editor is that it allows free social media sharing. To share your videos after editing, you can directly share your videos from here to your social media channels within the blink of an eye.  

  1. Compatibility for Multiple Devices and Multiple Languages

This desktop video editor is compatible with multiple devices. Whether you’re using a desktop or a laptop, Windows or MacOS, you can easily download and use it. In addition, it supports multiple languages and hence offers greater flexibility and ease of use. 

  1. No Expert Skills Required

Another amazing advantage of using the CapCut Desktop editor is that it doesn’t require any expert editing skills. Instead, you can use the editor’s inbuilt features and AI tools to make the edits professionally.

  1. Guarantee Professional Results

Along with all these benefits, this incredible video editor also promises accurate and precise results. Even with minimal effort, you can create the most professional and captivating videos that go viral.

  1. Saves Time and Money

On top of everything, this desktop video editor by CapCut saves time and money. You can save time by using its one-click features and automate the editing processes. In addition, you can save money by using its free features, tools, and free media resources. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Use CapCut Desktop Video Editor

To take benefit of this incredible desktop video editor, follow this step-by-step guide. 

  • Step 1: Import

Go to and download the CapCut Desktop Video Editor to your PC. After creating an account, click “New Project”. Drag and drop a video from your PC to import to this editor or import from the media library. 

  • Step 2: Edit

Click on different editing tools to make edits to your video e.g. crop, split, resize, trim, mask, etc. You can adjust the speed curve, add AI captions, auto-cut or remove the background, and add video effects

  • Step 3: Export

After editing your video, click “Export” and choose export settings e.g. resolution, frame rate, format, etc. Share it instantly to TikTok, and YouTube, and adjust sharing settings with one click as well. 


Why not create impressive videos when they’re the easiest and quickest to create with CapCut PC? Let’s download it today and start editing your ordinary videos to turn them into dramatic transformations. Use its multiple basic, AI-powered, and advanced editing tools and share the amazing results with others. 

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