6 Tips on How To Keep a Floor Jack In Good Repair?

Shahzad Masood

Floor Jack

Mechanical repairs and inspections may be more efficient with a heavy duty floor jack that lessens the effort of lifting a vehicle. You can keep this equipment in good shape for a long time through proper usage, storage, and cleaning. Here are some tips for enhancing the performance and durability of your floor jack:

1. Regular Inspection

Examine the heavy duty floor jack for leaks or wear and tear before using it again. Assess the jack’s body, handle, and wheels thoroughly. Focus on dents, cracks, or rust that could compromise the jack’s structural integrity. Check the functionality of all parts of the hydraulic apparatus. Spotting issues early helps prevent accidents and costly repairs in the future.  

2. Proper Cleaning

Dirt, debris, and grease can affect the functionality of your floor jack and speed up component wear and tear. Wiping dirt and other materials from your jack with a fresh towel after every use prevents them from building up over time. When removing oil buildup and tough stains, try washing with a gentle soap and water mixture. Pay attention to the release valve, the wheels, and the pump piston, which tend to accumulate debris. Make sure your jack is completely dry after cleaning before you store it. Keeping your floor jack clean lowers the likelihood of damage and enhances its functionality. 

3. Moving Parts Lubrication

The correct degree of lubrication keeps the floor jack in optimum condition. Lubricate all moving parts as advised by the manufacturer, and use premium lubricants that are compatible with hydraulic components and metal materials. You can lower friction and prevent corrosion by lubricating the wheels, the pump piston, and the release valve. Remember to abide by the lubricant manufacturer’s direction to avoid applying too much or insufficient lubrication. Applying too much lubrication could cause pressure to increase in the valves and joints. Too little lubrication can catalyze wear and tear and worsen the functionality of your floor jack, leading to an increased risk of accidents. 

4. Proper Storage

How you store your floor jack affects its functionality and lifespan. Do not store your jack close to corrosive elements like solvents, which could damage parts of the jack and its finishes. Avoid storing the equipment in areas that expose the jack to high levels of heat or excess moisture. Storing it in a clean and dry place prevents corrosion and other damage. Hot environments can damage the jack’s hydraulic fluid. Proximity to moist places can cause the jack’s parts to rust and deteriorate. Ideally, the jack should be kept in a workshop or garage with a controlled temperature. Mount the jack vertically and on a strong surface to prevent tipping or other forms of damage while it’s not in use. 

5. Correct Use 

To keep yourself safe and your floor jack in good working condition, use the equipment correctly. Avoid overloading the jack above its rated capacity and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is dangerous and damaging to use the jack for purposes for which it was not intended. Instead of depending only on the floor jack to support the load once a vehicle is lifted, use the proper jack stands to bear the weight. This maintains stability and helps prevent accidents when working beneath the vehicle. To avoid tipping or instability, make sure the jack is positioned on a level surface.

6. Professional Repairs

If you have concerns about how to address issues affecting your floor jack, contact a repair specialist for expert assistance. These professionals will safely and efficiently identify and resolve issues and restore your jack’s functionality. Hiring a professional helps you avoid safety risks and further damage that could occur when trying to repair the jack yourself. If you feel comfortable completing repairs on your own, ask the manufacturer or a certified repair technician for advice and guidance on performing a safe and efficient service. 

Find a Heavy Duty Floor Jack

Heavy duty floor jacks are valuable investments for mechanics and businesses that handle large fleets of trucks or oversized vehciles. When this sturdy equipment is well-maintained, it offers users reliable performance throughout its lifespan. Find a heavy duty tool supplier near you today for help choosing a floor jack that meets your needs.

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