The Marvel of Mesmerising Chandeliers and Floor Lamps 



When we talk about adding elegance to home decor, it’s a no-brainer that chandeliers are an ideal fixture for that. An advantage of chandeliers over other lighting fixtures is that they come in a lot of variations, from modern and sleek to ornate and traditional.  

Chandeliers are the ones which set the tone of the space and are the dominant fixture of the space. Having a chandelier is amazing but what’s important is to have the right chandelier as per your preference and taste. Chandeliers are multipurpose as they are equally good for both ambient lighting and task lighting. 

If you want to get most out of the chandelier then ensure that you buy it for the largest space of your home as it adds the touch of elegance and the grandeur to the larger spaces and compliment them in the best way. 

Floor Lamps – The One With Versatility 

While chandeliers are amazing to add grandeur to your space, floor lamps are much more convenient form of lighting. These mobile fixtures can be moved and placed as per the preference. If you want to highlight a particular corner of your room then place a floor lamp over there. Let us say that you want to add some elegeance beside your sofa, then you can palce a floor lamp there. 

The advantage of a floor lamp is that it is flexible and can be used as per individual’s taste and preference. You do not need a specific space to place a fllor lamp. 

Floor Lamps and Chandeliers – Maintaining a Balance 

Both fixtures are unique in themselves and have distinct lighting features. But, when we have to decide between the two, then it is important to consider two important things. 

  • Purpose – If you are looking for a fixture which can set the tone of your entire home, then it is a best option to go with a chandelier. But, if you want to highlight specific areas of your home, then floor lamps are the best choice. 
  • Size – Floor lamps do not take a lot of space and is ideal for a cosy atmosphere. But when it comes to chandeliers, you need to ensure that you have a slightly bigger space or else the lighting of the chandelier would overwhelm the size of the space. 


To sum up, let us say that chandeliers and floor lamps are both really beautiful additions to your home decor. Both can work individually well in your favour or can become magnificent when combined together. While one adds the drama and grandeur to your space, the other elevated the nooks and crannys of your space.

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