How to find the best bottles for breastfed babies?

Zafar Jutt

breastfed babies

You know breastfeeding is a gorgeous and natural procedure to nourish the baby. However, there can be times when mothers require introducing bottles. Of course, there are times when being a mom you may not be available to feed the child or have some task outdoors and hence, you have to look for alternatives.  Now, you can definitely enhance feeding experience with best bottles for breastfed babies and ensure that even in your absence, your child is getting the milk she needs. But ensure that you pick the right and quality bottle only. Read on some things to help you make a sensible choice.

Understanding the needs of your baby 

Before you even choose a bottle, make sure that you understand your baby’s preferences and needs. Some breastfed babies can simply resist bottles initially, so hunting a bottle that mimics the breast can quickly ease this transition. Make sure that you look for bottles that are specifically designed to be similar in shape, texture, and even overall flow to the breast. Of course, you would want to ensure your child gets the same feel.

The rate of the flow 

It would help if you understood that the breastfed babies are used to controlling the flow of milk from the breast. Once choosing a bottle, opt for nipples with a proper slow flow rate. This permits babies to feed at their own pace, averting overfeeding and reducing the danger of nipple confusion. Indeed, once you are sure about the flow rate, you can make a good choice.

The Shape and Material of the nipple 

The shape and overall material of the nipple have a crucial and influential role to play in bottle feeding. For breastfed babies, nipples having a proper and broad base and a softer texture are most of the times preferred. Such sort of design closely resembles the mother’s breast and hence, making it easier for children to latch onto the bottle.

Anti-Colic type of Features 

Many bottles are there that are available with anti-colic features that are specifically designed to reduce air intake during feeding. Look for bottles having venting systems or collapsible bags that reduce the overall air bubbles in the milk. Such a thing can help prevent discomfort and even drop the probability of colic in your baby.

Cleaning ease 

Bottles have to be easy to clean to upkeep proper hygiene. Look for bottles having the wide openings that permit for thorough cleaning, and consider if they are dishwasher -safe for extra level of convenience. Additionally, it is also critical to go for bottles with minimal parts to assemble and even disassemble. Such a thing would ensure that the cleaning process becomes more manageable.

Overall Materials 

Bottle materials can differ, with options like glass, plastic, and silicone. Though the plastic bottles are lightweight and even durable, some parents prefer glass or even silicone bottles, which are simply free from potentially harmful chemicals such as BPA. It is important that you pay attention to your preferences and lifestyle when selecting the bottle material.


To sum up, to pick the right and the best bottle for your beloved breastfed baby demands that you don’t miss out on any of these above things.

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